A reminder

Imagery. There's a 100 foot high wave heading towards me, and I'm stranded on the beach. There's nary a navy rescue ship in sight who'll be able to help, or worse, they're hiding behind some wave, the navy folk snickering and waiting for me to become so much jetsam. That's how I feel at the moment. Panic is only being held at bay by the slightest, thinnest possible, thread of willpower. And I can't even hide under the bed because there are too many dust-bunnies which will make me sneeze, put my back out then I'll be paroxysms of pain in addition to being jetsam.


Several things I forgot from last weekend which it behooves me to remember for then I might see the wave for what it is - imaginary and the result of some critical inner voice working behind my back to make me fret, eat bags of chips and nasty, sugary, nothings.

So, things to remember...

Change occurs more quickly than you expect, and worst fears are shown up for what they are - fears that deserve to be  banished and have no reality to them. It's the whole Agatha Christie's mother's advice again, "...what a waste, Agatha, what a waste...". The point is, that incoming wave can change at any moment, and even if it doesn't, you have gone from sea-bottom to surface without your regulator before. So until it washes over you, look at it dispassionately.

Critical voices have to be silenced for a little while. That's not to say you should shut them out completely, but you do have to sieve through the voices and recognize which ones resonate the most, and which ones can also point to some real, verified data to support their criticism. These are inner voices, by the way - not the Joan of Arc kind - but the running narrative in the head that can get pretty 
loud sometimes. Make an appointment, let them have their say, sift through the criticisms, take what's valid and ignore the rest. 

Root out manipulation in all aspects of living. Root. It. Out. I say this because when you manipulate, you generate expectations, and when you have expectations, you set yourself up for disappointment if expectations are not met, and guilt and tainted outcomes when they are met - which in turn makes you want more. Then you may as well dive straight into the incoming wave and drown yourself. 

So there you go, live the first agreement, best-wish, only act when you have verified data, and save yourself unnecessary angst,  frustration, unfounded fears and enjoy the unexpected pleasures that could still come your way. Not to mention, you'll also save everyone around you from the collateral angst that spews out of you. 

Now, where's that wave?