The pendulum swings towards fire.

I have 18 minutes today.

I could have more, but I'm trying to be efficient and focused and all that kind of good stuff.

So there you go. What to do, what to do, what to do.

I feel the urge to write something - it doesn't have to be profound right it truly doesn't. What I'll do instead is to paint a picture. Ever notice how Paint is Pain without the t? Yeah. That's profound in itself.

Whoosh. The weekend went away very quickly. On Friday night there multiple parties. I chose to attend one and thereby pissed one party off. Oops. Sorry. But couldn't have pissed the party off too much as he ended up buying me breakfast on Saturday after the run.

Saturday morning. Cookies to MR, a relaxed slow'sh (because we're training, and it's our off day run) with CP - That's the official story anyway for why we did the 6 kilometre trail. Then breakfast and home where not very much seemed to happen - at least I don't remember much happening although I think I did wash the patio. Or maybe I didn't. Who knows. Who can tell anymore. Saturday evening - there had been talk of a T and T event. I was skeptical of attending because there was another T event wherein Circles with plaques were given because we were cheap although the hot pot was hot in more ways than one, and the talk of lights and labour camps were scintillating to say the least. There was also talk of New Mexico ("always wanted to live in a desert"), Pittsburgh ("it's in the top ten list of most livable cities"), and Texas ("...where everyone will move to because of financial pressures....and hence devolve into a labour camp...").

So international and so mobile we all are. In the background there was a flurry of activity surrounding T and T and then all of sudden it was on. So I dutifully showed up, and there was a line, and we were going to pull out, then there was talk of an Oasis in the desert (not New Mexico) of entertainment choices, but alas, the Oasis turned out to be a mirage although there were some sequins and glitz. Home then even though the car was carefully hidden in the alleyway. Very sneaky.

And there were almost manipulative thoughts with ulterior motives, but this was fortunately kept in check with a list.

Dr. K, owner of new condo in KL, called too early in the morning and I was groggy, and so was soundly abused. This by now is Sunday. I think. Yes. Sunday.

Sunday morning, I slept away but forced self out to do a run here and there to shake the cobwebs, but to no avail. The afternoon became foggy and so did I. Then lo and behold, there was another event which once was spontaneous, but became obligatory and so I (this time - really) dutifully and supportively (not real word, but should be) went.

Truffle Fries for 5.00! What more could ask for? A living battery, that's what! Unfortunately this was not the case. However, there was succor from the boys in blue, red and white and with a zap and a zip and zoop, there was reincarnation - even if temporary.

Whew. The pendulum swung back into the positive. So must remember what is said about the little goldfish - they have memories of 3 seconds. Must be so nice. Something bad happens, you forget. Something good happens, you forget. In the first, you don't suffer mental anguish, in the second, you are always pleasantly surprised when the same good thing happens. What else could you ask for really?

Must. Remember. The Age of Goldfish, and the Motif of Goldfish Through The Ages. Once you remember this, you don't mind, because it's only Goldfish and their way. And you just say, "bless".

Sunday evening - sleep the sleep of the dead.

Monday came and a surprise request from thingy of UBC who wanted to move his appointment up from the next day. So be it. It wasn't the best of times, but as it turned out, it was good timing. Then I lost a vial of drug. Panic. Search through cupboards, fridges and called all and sundry. Then gave up because was too rattled. Fortunately a plan had been put in place to cover a minimum of 12 with some measuring instrument to make sure it was 12. And as it turned out despite being in the dark part of the time, the minimum was exceeded by almost 4. And 2 were happy. Then at 7, we stopped and supped.

Slurpy ramen noodles with cabbage. Followed by honey nut cheerios, although some eschewed this and went for yoghurt with something fibrous looking.

Tuesday: The search for the missing drug went on, but alas despite escalating efforts, was not found. However, we shall preserver because it's in there somewhere. This could have been a tragedy but instead, it turned into a meeting of minds where in the following was said, "I'm glad you lost the drug - they're idiots and deserve to have it lost anyway - but more to the point, we get to talk about E, M and T (not the same T and T as above though).

Then there was lots more talk about R and M and X and R again, and the evil companies that abound in the present landscape of this city.  I bet it's the fault of Texas and Florida, really. And who knows, I may get to fire someone soon. Which could be cool.

And there you have it. I went back with some modicum of borrowed drug and in the gloaming had at 826, 7, 8, 9 and so forth. The little beasts fought, but so far were no match for my blue fingers.

And repeat again today - the blue fingers that is - and telling people whose first instinct is to say, "wah, wah, wah", to stop the wah-ing and just send out some e-mails.

And the firing of that particular someone - even closer to day.