Slushy Spelling

I feel as broken as my earphones but no amount of pink duct tape
will put me right.
hemorrhage - that's the first thing I must do today - learn how to spell hemorrhage so that I can say: 

Hemorrhaging Hades! peccatum Sodomiticumpeccatum Sodomiticum, gonads! (*).

It's colder thant it seems today. The official temperature is -2C where I am, but that's gonads. It is cooler than that. I have the slush to prove it. 

It's very dispiriting to face the first Monday of the year when you've been stricken with a low-level virus (somewhere between Ebola and the common cold - oh alright, it's closer to the common cold, and oh fine, it's really just a tickle in the throat), it's cool  bitterly cold out, and the buses are filled with unwashed humanity, and you don't have a car - or worse, a parking spot at work.

Frozen Tears
So I hopped onto my bike reluctantly and this is what happened. The blast of air made my eyes water, but I was too busy avoiding ass-wipe inattentive drivers and hidden pockets of frost on the road to wipe them away (fourth finger according to EH - you always use your fourth finger when you approach the delicate area around the eyes). Then when I finally blinked, the tears had turned to salty, briny slush. Yes. this i s my life. I'm in briny slush. Does this make you feel sorry for me? No? Not really? Well, then peccatum Sodomiticum off then. 

Yah. I can be rude and seem erudite at the same time. It's an inherited talent, what can i say.

The jollity of the past season has dissipated and the work routine beckons. It all feels very depressing, but I must also remember that my immune system is busy defending my cells from nasty viruses so I feel tired to start with - that's the physical part. The mental part - I'm feeling mentally sluggish because my mind is still on vacation and doesn't want to focus on the work yet. All this will pass, and I shall find Joy! Inspiration! A New Sense of Purpose! in the days to come. 

Drooling sunlight
So all in all, this sluggish feeling is normal, and when one is sluggish, when one's mind is slow to process, it's too easy to let the mind run riot with vague suppositions that are based on unverified facts - and speaking of unverified facts, two facts that I must verify are DWE and ML's performances - which I'm sure are far beyond the pale. Anyway, I'm at work now it all seems to be too much of an effort. What I really want to do is to go back to bed and curl up under my covers and warm my feet. However, that's not really an option so I will just have to go do a slow jig with the dull narrative that surrounds me today.  That, and remember the highlight of the weekend when the sun poked through trees and incited the production of enthusiastic drooling.

(*)Bloody Hell! Bugger, bugger, bollocks!