Freezing Fog

Tarik nafas when I'd much rather have teh tarik halia. The hot tea and sugar for shock, and the ginger for the stomach acids.

Instead, all I have is a little voice telling me to breathe. How to breathe when you have three 800 pound gorillas in the room taking up all the air. It's all the gazelles can do to pull in a little snippet of breath - not that I'm calling myself a gazelle. I merely observe and withhold judgement to an importune time, like Judgement Day.

There was freezing fog (according to the weather thingy) this morning and that likely contributed to my own foggy brain which still hasn't cleared up yet. And when the mind isn't clear, then it's difficult to imagine that there'd be any difference between 10 and 12 mg of drug, but apparently there is. Especially when some is delivered one way, and the other dose is delivered another.

Why can't life be simple? Actually, let me take that back - in this case, everything is water soluble so that simplifies things greatly. Also the correct samples were found. So actually, life is simple.

The fogged mind, however, says, "still not simple enough".

There was a note, part of an art installation of anonymous confessions, on display. It said, "I licked one of the paintings in this exhibition". I said, I bet I can tell which one. Unfortunately, I wasn't given the chance.

Licking paintings as opposed to paint. There was a year I was in Florence, Italy, and at the end of the trip, I  turned to the Shark, and she waggled her fin expectantly, and I said, "I wish I could stay and become an art restorer", she said, "And I wish I could stay and harvest olives".

And we sighed heavily. We were so innocent in those days.

Now, I fight for breath with gorillas and she deals with (this is worse) sick gorillas.

High time, high tides and high tea.

High time I got over mealy-bugs.
High tides - I will float up with them and keep my head above water.
High tea - fix up the thing what will be winged, go for tea and toast the brioche and help the inflammation settle.

There. I've decided on some stuff. How very decisive of me.