2014 SRT 1

It's been a while since I did this. So I shall.

But first to put something into perspective - this is my way of making a dovecote.  Biar sabar - apa boleh buat - biar sabar. There that's done. I wonder what Sean Ghazi is up to these days? Such a waste. Something that Mickey would be surprised, but pleased to see me write. I'm also beginning to understand the meaning of this saying: If you  make a face when the wind changes, it'll stay.

Not literally of course, the world is both literal and metaphorical - that's why it's so rich, silly and sublime all rolled into one. Like a good ondeh-ondeh. The fog has rolled back in today and I'm bathed in cool light. I need more than Bach to wake me up,  but nothing too raucous. So I'll plumb for the Violin Sonatas. My brain doesn't really wake up until I've had at least two hot cuppas so I'll not flog myself for not doing anything useful until a bit later in the morning.

A piece of advice for your benefit - if you're going to design a drug, make it water soluble. Please. It saves me a lot of trouble. Are you paying attention? Dr. Hectors of the world? The plumbers were here yesterday and they hoisted, removed, plumbed and chipped, and today I have a brand new hot water tank that should fill up the tub. The irony is, Mr. A, he who agitated for the change, has now moved. It's interesting how little winds become big winds.

I must also run down the battery today as part of the reconditioning process. That's a literal, not metaphorical statement, by the way. Then today, I must cash a cheque and go to MEC to give little MW a surprise. It's the right and proper thing to do, and so it shall be done.

Oh yes, yes, must sweep away the bits and pieces C and S left last night.

And then hopefully by then will be awake enough to tackle the 16 pager from J. Assimilation of new information and concepts, comments and edits, due today - or at least promised today. Then if I do all this, I'll buy some NFC tags. A brave new world for me.

I must also keep the sinks clear, and find a comfortable spot to work in. Maybe the local Coffice because you can't always maintain the extreme highs and lows so must negotiate a middle as well to make the highs and lows extremes. Rare beauty etc., etc. Drink it in blah, blah, blah but don't drown in it.

High tides and times: It's time, high time, that I put some past, not-very-nice associations behind me.

Was it really only 2010 that the N1 came out? Goodness. How lovely it was - March 31st I got it if I'm not mistaken. That was my first foray into the world of smartphones. Today, I'm using the N5 and this could be the phone that I will use for more than a year. Are my days of phone piggery numbered? They just might be. After all, all things come to an end eventually, and hopefully naturally.

I have a vision of the mews in London and walking down the cobbled streets, feeling cold and being overwhelmed by the smells, noise and sights of the hustle and bustle around me.

Today, I must also get hold of RP and see where he's at in the various trips he's on at the moment (metaphorical, not literal) - it's not like he bends time or anything like that.

It's checking in isn't it? And on that note, it's time to open the 16 pager. Deep breath.