Wishes Granted

Black + White = Grey
So remember how I was whining about the shades of grey, and how I wanted things in black and white? Well. What I should have really asked for was an answer that was either black OR white. See? you have to be precise with your wishes and wants. Not to mention, it's dangerous making wishes anyway, because when the gods want to punish you, they grant you your wishes, and they when you complain, as one does, they say in tones of hurt innocence, but...that's what you wished for.In this case, they took a look and said, right, he wants answers in black AND white...well, let's see what we can do. And they saw, and they  made everything a uniform shade of grey. Grey cloud. Grey concrete buildings, grey snow (white reflecting the lack of light and the grey concrete) and there you have it, my poorly articulated wish was granted.

And this is my punishment. Grey mists that equate to limbo, a finely balanced point of view between yes and no, and limbo, even if it's answer of sorts, isn't the kind of answer that I wanted. Maybe that's the problem. I'm looking for answers that don't really match the question I have. So maybe, just maybe....if this is the answer, then I need to re-frame the question, but then what is the question? Let's see. The answer is grey, therefore the question is a moot point because you don't have enough data to make any decision, or come to a definite conclusion. Ergo, you continue mining data, and as you continue mining, you put aside what you want or think you need because they have nothing to do with the answer to the question you ask.  There you go. Grey it is, grey like the lint that's left behind after you do a wash of whites with insufficient bleach - there is never enough bleach - grey because life is one great unknown and when you know everything, you might as well just stop existing, because then, what is the point? Right? There has to be uncertainty in life right? it's all about not knowing isn't it? And as for things not known, but found out - did you know that Behemoth is the name of Satan when he takes the shape of an elephant or hippopotamus? Yes. Makes you think differently about Ann Murray's album, "There's a Hippo in My Tub" now doesn't it?  Yeah, see? Grey thinking leads you everywhere

The wonders within await
Two days ago, I was on a mountain being tempted with the world and all the wonders within. Actually, these were pretty micro wonders, but micro wonders are what I want to get into. After all, how often do you get to see little tin balls dancing on the surface of a slide like a mini-tornado of tiny spinning dervishes? Or tiny gold rods suspended in a polymer that rotates to show you all its sides. Plasmonic Resonance indeed. What would we do without resonance, whether plasmonic or not. Actually, speaking of resonance, that same day, there was talk of shades of grey, 50 shades to be exact, and then big-big eyes were made. So here's a test to check that there actually was resonance. With impunity, I whisper under my breath (you have to imagine this - the whispering, not the impunity) Grilled Chicken with Cheese and Cranberries, Salmon with Green Beans, and Roast Chicken with tomatoes in boutique olive oil from Perugia. Ya. Let's see what happens now. La, la, la, la....

The cracks of innovation break apart the status quo
Today is a sad day. A very sad day for us because the end of an era has come. There was good and bad, but for the most part, the good outweighed the bad in this time. Today, someone left for greener pastures, and much greener they will be I hope. In uncertain times, you have to do things that bring you a measure of certainty, as the Wise Woman of the West would say. Greener pastures aside for some, some projects are also coming to an end - at least the active part of the projects - now there's a period of waiting and cogitation until the data (see above) is collected, mulled over, separate into their component parts and then put together in a way that makes sense, and fits a pattern that others have seen before. Unless, it's one of those times when a real, a really, truly, real paradigm shift is effected. I can only hope. The irony, of course, is that patterns that have been seen before are easier to make public - as long as there's a slight twist to the pattern - than something which will cause ructions. For all the talk of having to be innovative, humans don't like sudden, disruptive change, they like slow, incremental change.

Surely these table tops aren't from San Diego!
And now, I shall turn on my e-mail's auto-reply and go seek greener (they're kind of  a slushy grey now, but that will change - Environment Canada says so) pastures of my own. But first, paper must be shuffled and shifted from the low to the high, blue chairs be placed where the power flows, and table tops from San Diego dispersed. And there're probably more than a few boxes that need to be emptied and decluttered as well. Oh yes, and there're the long slippy implements, and the extra bags, and the air-mover and good grief, what have I done? I should probably just stay at work and finish off the ROI analysis and thus avoid all the decisions about where things should go, which thrown out, or buried under the snow...