Reality is relative...or is it?

True blue, or is it?
Today, I'm having problems differentiating between reality and delusion. In other words, I'm losing track of the narrative and teeter-tottering on the edge of drama. This is not good for my body homeostasis, which in turn is likely to top over to over-production of cytokines what will cause inflammation to flare up and make my muscles ache. Why, my back already hurts - not that it's got anything to do with being hunched over a computer all day, I'm sure. Yes. How could computers, such benign creatures, hurt you?

How indeed?

Anger and fear...oooh...anger and fear. They also cause cytokine production and inflammation which leads to pain and which makes you defensive and less likely to embrace the new. But let's set that all aside and go on to what's really important.

Too many strings attached to this seat. Never again. 
Topic 1: Knowing when to be an enabler is just as important as knowing when not to be. It's simple to decide when to enable, and when not to. If the thing that you are going to enable is something I want - something that will soothe my harried homeostasis and clamp down on those nasty cytokines, reduce the inflammation and stop my back from hurting, well then, it's obvious. You enable with full speed and damn the consequences. For really, in that case, you're doing good (at least for me), and there can be no better thing than doing good to me. It doesn't happen enough, or there are too many strings attached, which come to the same thing.

Time is relative, it has no meaning to this fuschia, surely.
Topic 2: Reminding myself that time is relative and not absolute. What constitutes a short or long time is dependent on the person and his or her contextual circumstances. Yes, I like that concept, it relieves one of ever so many layers of guilt and responsibility. And feelings of G&R do nothing but raise levels of those nasty cytokines what cause perfectly balanced homeostatic beings to tip over into acidity and nasty, briny waters. So there you go, I shall remember that time is relative, and that the time for a response doesn't matter as much as whether you express yourself properly the first time. After all, if the response is going to potentially a no, what do you have to lose by trying to make it a yes - assuming you want the response to be a yes in the first place, no?

Cytokines knot up your back so beware of getting a PhD
Topic 3: Listening properly. Really listening to the silence in the room when there is no music playing, no telly blaring, nor a radio talk show pontificating. Just the gentle sound of your trusty Lenovo keyboard tapping away as you turn random thoughts into random sentences which one day some idiot scholar will, in the perspective of time, consider to be gold among the dross, publish, get his or her PhD, and then forever become a bitter academic. So if I were to listen properly this is what I hear: an event which is catastrophic mostly because it is out of your control, it buggers up your sense of accomplishment and makes you look like a fool in front of your peers, and to be blunt, makes you swallow your pride and crawl and beg (or something like that). This is followed by a mad scramble to recover some equilibrium which necessarily makes you very busy - scrambling is not for the relaxed - and because you're focused on not falling further, and you're tired so you're in danger of falling, the whole thing makes you plain cranky. And when you're cranky you don't respond well to anything. I also hear something from the past which says that water runs hot and cold in my house, it never comes out at the perfect temperature - which really  means you should be looking into your mixer and which reminds me that Kitchen Aid mixers are on sale, and i must go count my few remaining shekels.

Spinning around, spinning around...
Topic 4: This will be short because my mind has been short-circuited by the thought of a lovely Boysenberry Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer. It would fit beautifully on my pristine counters. It even comes with a mixing cover so the counters will remain pristine. The question is - should I pay the Insurance premium, or get a Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer. To make things worse, +Andrew Bell has made incipient little noises about a forthcoming Series 4 Android collection. Those poor shekels are numbered, I rather fear. Oh yes, the point of topic 4...I must revisit the fundamental concepts of geometry, and like Sean Ghazi, biar sabar lah.

Well, it's that or get the new, official  wireless charger accessory from my Goverlords, which this time, Dr. J, is a square, not an orb, or a sphere (see remark on geometry classes).