Cold West Winds

Nary a tit, nor North wind in sight.
What was it that thingy with the long brown hair and cow eyes use to say? "It's colder than a witch's tit in the North wind". Yes. That about covers it, except that the wind is not from the North, but from the West, and it's not tits, but nostrils. So really, I guess there's not much that thingy got right. And really, that's about the sum of it.


It was cold yesterday, and even colder when I got on the bike and rode West right into the West wind what blew up my nose and froze the insides. That was the first irritation. The second was the lack of administrative support when you most need it - Funny how that works doesn't it? The admins come bug you for nonsensical bullshit (mostly to cover their own assess) when you're  busy but the moment you need something done, they're not around. Then came the final nail in the coffin - you like the way I went from irritation to nail in the coffin? Might not be much of a connection, but when you think about it, I went from cold and stiff to stiff and cold. Not bad eh? eh? eh?

Heads shall roll! Tuna shall be eaten! Beware Agents!
Then more administrative stuff came. Dumb agent was fired, new dumb agent came demanding money we didn't have, and head agent took time sending out letter about fired agent. Well. The fires shall flow freely from Sauron's nostrils and fire them all. Soon. Soon. We are but biding our time.

Last week, I returned from Hornby Island late because of missed ferries and the like. Then it was caching up on stuff at work. Somehow it all seems so important when you're back at the office but really it's not all that important in the bigger scheme of things. The difficulty comes in seeing the bigger scheme and placing the little petty administrators so-called important things in their place. Actually, I don't quite remember what happened in the last maybe a quick list to recap what happened. A list - how exciting.

Idyllic Hornby makes us late
Monday - on Hornby island, rushed lunch, mad dash to ferry terminal, but alas too late to catch the 5pm and ended up on the 9pm.

Tuesday - Meetings with two where one pontificated, the other spluttered and I kept silent because there was NO POINT. Counted work money and home money and came home depressed beyond belief at how unfair the world was that I wasn't winning Home Depot Gift cards from filling in their surveys, much less the big lottery jackpots. Then again, I suppose that there's not much chance of winning if I don't actually buy the tickets. Had dinner with RP over in Victoria Drive at the pizza joint and took pictures of stop signs with "Harper" pasted under the "Stop"

Wednesday - Made some decisions (finally) and started obsessing over coloured LED lights and the Kitchen Aid Artisan Mixer - oh what colour, oh what colour, what colour?! Then went to VFR where there was a cheque giving out ceremony and I took pictures because I didn't want to be in the picture. Desultory run which was 2K shorter than it should have been. A dinner made for me, okay it was heated up leftovers but I didn't have to cook it so it all counts.

Mops and LEDs make me greener
Thursday - I bought a mop to make up for not getting the Nexus 5. This mop also cost me more than I wanted because Dr. C said that the  model I originally wanted wasn't very green and so it was bad, and wrong of me. The guilt made me cave and I ended up buying a more expensive, but greener model. Bah. Ah well, this one has a nice sturdy handle which I can use to have at the administrators who flocked around wanting stuff from me. They. Shan't. Get. It.

Friday - A bevy and flurry of activity as some work stuff finally got going. Also had to give blood to satisfy the resident vampire who's been hounding me for it. Never again, however. Ever. Ever. Ever. Researched ways to keep evil seagulls away from our pristine roofs. Find out about dumb agent. Also started looking at glutamine and what it does, and why it's important because I have to figure out what if anything we're going to do about this. And if we are, how we are going to do it. Little Durian came over for dinner and gossiped for a while. The other durian didn't come because of some vehicular trouble or something. Found out what Karma Yoga means. Not really Yoga at all but a way to get you to do work for nuffink.

Waiting for the last leaf to fall
Saturday - As usual I put my fate into the hands of MR. If he sends a SMS message, I run, if he doesn't, I don't. He did and so did I. Dr. J was there and we were going to meet up after but DD gave me a ride, almost killing me in the process, to the WS where I was the maitre'D for a few minutes reserving seats and ordering meals for others. Then instead of getting into the death trap that was DD"s car, I got a ride from RE who took a circular route via floors and tiles of all descriptions, and which gave me some ideas about lightness, and that wonderful passage in The Enchantress of Florence where air meets glass and glass meets air, and after all, what is glass and air without light so I shall throw my own mix in. Then I was supposed to get the shoebox ready for its big reveal (one year after) but was sidetracked into a trip to the North Shore with SE who was so excited he was literally foaming at the mouth. Then the building party which went on for far too long - the young have so much energy. Then again, surprisingly I too had some energy left over despite the lateness of the hour.

Forget Joe's, I shall obsess over Kitchen Aids instead
Sunday - Slept in but was roused eventually to go for brunch at Thyme To Indulge after a horrific non-reception at Joe's on Main St. where there was a line at the door, but the useless, too-cool to acknowledge waiting customers even though there were empty tables staff ignored us completely. Not even eye-contact to say we'll be there in a minute. Useless idiots. Then after that, I went home and cleaned up the mess that was the building party remains. A quick trip to get my head around the fact that the weekend was over, and that hopefully, hopefully, oh so hopefully, things would continue on the present trajectory without any fallout. Bear in mind though that I was sleep deprived when thinking this and so it goes. Flip-flop-flip.

We are but data, and lost without it.
Monday - Rain. Must get thermostats. Yoga cancelled, little D so distraught his prickles fell off.

Tuesday - Mega marathon meetings this morning that made my head spin. Then Dr. Gazelle came to the rescue over some 40 GB of data that would have been painful to lose. But this extra drama didn't help with the Whooping Cough Manuscript (in years to come, they'll refer to the Whooping Cough Manuscript as they do the the Bayreux Tapestries - see if they don't), and that's what I'm supposed to be doing today except that I'm writing this instead of rearranging stuff for Dr. Shark.

Okay. Must. Get. To. It.

But one can still hope can one not? After all, without hope, what is man? Or something like that (this is filler to make the text line up with the bottom of the picture to satisfy my sense of aesthetics. Yes sneaky I know, but you do what works for you do you not, because if you are man and are to have hope, you must work).