Plexi Glass

Started Tuesday, September 3rd.

Perspective is like plexi glass - clear, but hard as a rock when you run into it.

Of course one could always not run and so avoid hitting perspective when you least expect it. But then you'd be in one spot all the time and become mouldy and then the worms would come after you which is just another way of saying death will be your fate eventually. Or something like that.

For the record, today I am sleep deprived. The parental units left last night and after 13 hours of flying are in HKIA waiting for their next plane so they can continue their journey onward to KLIA. Last night, I went up to the airport with them and put them in the safe hands (one hopes) of the airline...

Interrupted and resumed Thursday, September 5th.

A quick roundup - the PUs are home, have unpacked and bemoaned the missing q-tips. They've had countless cups of tea and are reveling in the warm weather. All is well.

The shoebox what has vistas seems enormous now, and eerily quiet, although I suspect not quiet enough for the troll what lives below. It's always like this - the guilt and sadness tinged regrets when you say goodbye. What to do, what to do, what to do.

I'm now embroiled in any number of applications what need to be done, ticked off and submitted.  And oh goodness, I've ticked off the list of things that need to be ticked off. I must start a new list. A new list. I must also stop doing experiments what don't seem to work. Time will tell and the tidal wave of red tape that is coming must be stopped - where is Moses when you need him?

It's all normal - all this is normal. The only difference is that this year, it's happening about 5 days sooner than normal, I have about 3 other applications to think about, and am leaving for Italy in about 6 days. Or less. Much less. And I've not booked accommodation in Rome yet. Of course I haven't, I've been too distracted to think about it. But I must do this soon or else EK and I will have to throw ourselves at the mercy of the Vatican and I don't think they would look too kindly upon a Buddhist and Homosexual. Then again, with the new pope, there just may be hope.

The political situation in Syria isn't the only that is tense and filled with nefarious folk what want to get their grubby hands on the loot. But we shan't talk about that.

I have other worries - most are out of my control, but it befits me to try my best (Agreement number 4) and to do my best with integrity (Agreement number 1). Hard not to take what's happening personally though (Failing Agreement number 3).

There are as many solutions as there are problems. I hope that one of the solutions will coalesce come together and pop its head up with a smile. Then I too will smile. What are real problems anyway? It's all a matter of context and perspective after all isn't it?

I need to do a long run to clear my head. I missed last night's run because of the World's End, the final installment of the Cornetto Trilogy. Lovely Nick Frost and Simon Pegg. I only wonder how they managed to talk Rosamund Pike into appearing.

Tonight I sup with KB who wants to know about phones. He's come to the right person. If he will only take my advice then all will be well. If he doesn't, and continues to argue, then all will not be well.

This weekend, I shall come into work - why not - and get finalize the remaining 5 - 6 documents what need finalizing then I shall send out an e-mail of instructions and hope for the best. A visit to UBC is on the cards too. Just because I don't trust those who should be in a position of trust, but who have abused their trust by being useless and generally inept and incompetent.

I ordered a Vulpine Biking Jacket. It will be touch and go as to whether it fits, but I don't care. Life is short. That's my excuse, that and "I don't have a car". So there.

Life is also sweet and today was total vindication of the moment on Tuesday night when I put aside all my worrying and frenzied orbiting around an object of concern and decided to trust. And lo, the trust was repaid. In spades.

Alright. Enough is enough. I shall have to go now and be witty and clever and instructive while eating rice gruel and spending my hard earned cash.