Oh dear, Oh dear

Drowning in a sea of light
That's what's happening these days.

And it's still July with nary a drop of rain since it started. How did this happen? How can you drown when there's no water?

Well. It's metaphorical drowning is what it is.

Don't have time to go into details, suffice to say that you can call me Liz (as in Liz Lemon) and that Jenna Moroney and Tracey Morgan are being themselves.

An LOI was accepted. When I was told the news, I beat my head on my desk moaning softly, no...no...no.... (but not 16 no's like Robin).

Where's my machete?
Plants are growing and flowers are going to seeding. The dead-heading is falling behind. I need to sleep and I think i'll take a quick 5 minute nap on my office floor.

The venus fly trap is snapping away at flies, but not quickly enough.

I have to come up with new explanations for drugs that won't let go. This does not please me.

The drama took over the narrative on Wednesday and well, it was a bad sequence of events especially when I saw the numbers what were in combinations of 7,8,3 and 4. EEEEUH. However, I'm going to go with the narrative and beat the drama back.

After all, what can you do about drama that is not induced by you - not a hell of a lot - so be understanding, but ignore it. So, no drama but be grateful for what came before.

If I can't have an orb, I shall have a globe
My lamp is not here yet, but M of C says it will be soon.According to M of C, the lamp will arrive later today. I shall check obsessively with him to make sure that it does, and that he tells me about it asap.

The plan is to then go to Homo Depot and get long strands of airplane wire to hang it - the lamp that is, not M of C, because really, M of C is actually quite a nice fellow, and it's not his fault that the lamp was delayed by people who don't bother telling him what's going on.

But not only shall I hang it, but I'll have to come up with a pulley system that can be used to raise and lower it. Then stick a Hue bulb in it, and Bob's your Uncle.

Should I grow a beard to match?
Speaking of late,  my Vulpine hasn't been cotton rainjacket hasn't been made yet. Here's the note I sent to the owner of Vulpine, Nick.

This is what I sent:


I've been wanting to get one of your Cotton Rain Jackets but it doesn't appear that the 2013 stock 
has arrived yet....is this the case, or have I missed the 2013 stock?


Don Y

And this is what came back less than a day later:

Looking intricately obsessive and perfect
Hi Don, 

No, just a very intricate garment to make! Frustrating how long it takes. 
They're delayed again (I'm a bit obsessed by perfection) and will be here to pre- order in late August for
delivery late September. 
Sorry for the wait. 
Nick Hussey - Founder 
Twitter @vulpinecc

Imagine - an apology, and then a note about intricate, obsession and perfection. Why - that describes me. An apologetic, intricate obsessive perfection. I like that. 

Love locked out...
Also late. My Lockitron. Goodness, I'll be so satisfied with life - according to Dr. J, the longer you wait, the more satisfied you will be with what you buy. Now to go get that barbeque so that the threatened (to me, not the fish) grilled fish doesn't have to be grilled in the shoebox what has vistas but which is not at all pristine at the moment. Rather the contrary in fact. 

In any case....I should probably start obsessing about the colours of my not-so-soon to be here lockitton and match colours with my almost-here lamp and my  not so-soon-either to be here vulpine. 

I know what Mickey Joe will say to which I will quote Mei-Ling who said to her friend, when the friend asked Mei-Ling, what her mother meant by "Be Patient". Mei-Ling said, with the wisdom of a nine-year old, "It means WAIT!".