Time to steel myself to face the tiger...
Already it's Wednesday afternoon. My immediate to-do tasks are to deliver some stainless steel boxes to the second Dr. C, and then go lope around the sea wall and hope that this is not the day that my knee decides to implode on me. After that, I shall decide whether I want to have dinner in town or to eat gruel at home.

What to do? What to do? What to do?

I'm also very tempted to tell Satan to get behind me, but the terrorizer of actors, CT, says that I should get Satan drunk instead. It's all very pressuring - hmmm, funny how pressuring like a tiger hiding behind the shadowy stripes of long grass waiting to pounce out at you sharp claws and fang, looks like 'reassuring'. I don't like where this is going. I don't like it at all.

Zombies. I want to watch zombies do their thing, but I don't actually want zombies in my vicinity. I run into enough pseudo-zombies as it is on my bike rides and generally purposeful walking already.

Forget the Agreements and Precepts...
Today, my anxieties are somewhat abated because of some meetings yesterday, and also because I had a thought - which has to be thought out properly, and costed out to the penny still - which may, just may help me dig myself climb out of this hole I dug myself.

Today, I could remind myself of the Four Agreements, or I could whine over Bridget's Three Precepts of Life. Then again, I could also remind myself that the gods grant you your wishes when they want to punish you. Why does life have to be so convoluted? Why? Why? WHY?

No, I shan't think of the Four Agreements because they're very difficult to live up to, and I don't have the energy, nor the motivation to live up to anything today. I don't want to whine over Bridget's Three Precepts of Life either, because it's just to depressing to see that I'm in the bottom 66 percentile. As  for wishes being granted, it's just fair when the wish comes with a punishment. How is that fair? How? How? HOW?!

Or should that be HOWL!

Or in the case of Julian Barnes, "DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!"

Or in the case of thingy what's his face, 'SPLODE!

Or in Bridget's case, "wheresss stheee czzzharrdonay?"

Or as Susan might say, "Appa-rent-ly!"

You get the picture. I'm not very satisfied today, and I'm in limbo - again - but this time, it's not all of my making. Contrary to popular belief I don't always react. I do sometimes take action, but what do you do when the third law of physics is ignored? Not a hell of a lot as it turns out. Physics is immutable. Never mind, immutable is as it is, and muted is what I shall be. It's no wonder I've been spending time on calibration curves because it's something that should always work. And work it did with regression number of 0.9963, 0.9903 and 0.9975. Let's hope this trend continues tomorrow morning when it really, really, really counts for something.

That is all.