Implode and then 'splode

Implode is the mot du jour, or even better, 'splode! as in my head 'splode!

Caffeine stupors have their place in life
At least, that's the feeling I have. There's a heavy, heavy, ridiculously heavy sense of impending doom this week, and I can only blame so much of it on the grey clouds and the humidity (really this minor dampness is not really humid compared to other places I've lived, but humidity is relative after all). There are signs of implosion such as the afternoon meeting that could go very badly, or well - again relatively speaking. Maybe I should just give in to it and have immense amounts of coffee, enter a caffeine stupor and let my  internal organs shut down for a little while. Goodness knows it couldn't hurt any more than it does at present.

2B or 2B
Then there was Bard on the Beach's version of Hamlet in which the body count reached 9 - such a waste and all because that hipster hamlet couldn't go to the police and let justice take its course - what is it that Jake says? "I trust in the integrity of the police and their procedures to do the right thing". Of course Jake was, for a while, a policeman himself. Anyway, Hamlet was all doomy and gloomy and full of contradictions which didn't do much to lift the mood of the last few days especially since I knew this afternoon meeting was on the cards. Oh me oh my. What would Delta say? Oh yes, she would tell me to scream into the darkness, where none can hear - but they why bother. On Sunday when the grey was at its apex, and the humidity was at its stickiest, zombie-like reactions were elicited, and that was perhaps the unkindest cut of all. Then again, that's kind of the story of my life. Be that as it may, it's another thing that's out of my control so like the upcoming meeting, I will just have to Wait. And. See.

Quiet Drama, drama, drama. All very energy sucking

Ah well, what can you do. Can't control it so let it go and then adapt to the new circumstances. Or maybe, just maybe, it's time for a radical change and makeover.

But before we go to that extreme and make radical changes, I'll do something incremental first - like change the booking we have for Pangkor Laut in October from a garden villa to a sea villa.

Garden Villa - Sure got mosquitoes buzzing one. 

Sea Villa - ah, the sound of waves lapping at your feet.