Birds and Sleep

Such a calming balmy colour
My breakfast consisted of coffee and advil. What a lovely way to start the morning because with this diet, you know that the rest of the day (up to a point) will be somewhat pain-free. And it was, somewhat, except that all I touched today would stop working - you ever have one of those days? Pick up a knife, it falls on your bare feet. Start writing on the computer, and the keyboard turns becomes a sanskrit version. Look at your credit card, and the magnetic strip polarises itself (sort of magnetic self-immolation).  Get on your bike, and the chain falls off. You know, nothing works. Good thing I took a pill else, I'd be more of a pill than I currently am. Perhaps I should take another one. After all, liver tissue can regenerate itself - up to a point. Hmm. I wonder whether you could get little capsules of coffee mixed with advil.

Anger - it's for the birds.
The point is, well there is no point really. I'm in a total snit today. I am filled with righteous anger, oh okay, I'm just filled with commonplace anger - nothing righteous about it. It's very irritating. Even more annoying, it's not like I can displace the anger onto someone else. No, I'm responsible for what's happening, or not so it's up to me to do something about it. However, there are several things I must do before I can deal with the anger within, bubbling like a molten cauldron of high-quality, triple-milled, single source chocolate.

What I must do before I deal with the birds within is to:

I'm a light sleeper in all sense of the word

  • Sleep because lack of sleep will make me fat, incapable of making the right decisions and create havoc with my hormonal balance.
  • Reduce my salt intake because too much salt will raise my blood pressure and cause my heart (pwore little thing, beating furiously away within) to overwork.
  • Reduce my sugar intake because too much sugar will cause my sleep patterns to change (all that insulin spiking and then I'll be sleepier and then become fatter.

And I can now track my sleep patterns with this handy-dandy app called Sleep Time, so I'll know when I can start dealing with what's making me angry - that's when the blue bits and bobs in the image get bigger and bigger with the time axis.

In any case, I guess I'll be eating lettuce for the next week. That'll make me much less angry. I'm sure of it. Ah well, if nothing else, the lettuce diet will make me a lighter sleeper.