All is good. Always.
The dark side. Entering the dark. Being one with the dark. Black inky seas. The dark side. The dark rises. Black is the night. But my favourite of all is Black, black, black, dark coffee.

No comparison. It`s a coffee day today by far. Pity that there's so little good coffee out there these days, or maybe my taste buds have been ruined by instant coffee granules - all that skimping and saving for the little shoebox you see.

Then there`s integrity  - where you do the right thing even when nobody is watching - but I tell you, it's buh-loody difficult to have integrity when there are little pink lights flashing at you (in place of the more normal green), and the first three beats from 2 heart beats beep at you. Oh little N4, why do you torment me so? Why? Why? Why?

(Relax Dr. C, this is rhetorical torture).

Oh Great Google Overlords, Grant me a Pixel!
Anyway, the heart beeps sounded, the pink light blinked and my heart went all a pitter-patter then my head kicked into gear and said, "You're already headed North, keep headed North, don't turn back. Remember what happened to Lot's wife". Goodness, didn't want to be turned into a pillar of salt - even though salt apparently isn't that bad for you as once thought - so I kept going North with only a few regrets for not turning South. But you know what? It all worked out well. I was brain-dead anyway, and wouldn't have been able to handle Southern Accents so it's just as well. Right? Right? Right? Pitter-patter, etc, etc. After all, old dogs can't learn new tricks, or perhaps they can if there's a whip involved. Whip. Whip. Pitter-patter, pitter-patter. After all, I don't evangelize and that's one reason for liking me - among others, I'm sure.

So there it is, block coffee, and integrity was rewarded with affirmation. It's all going to work out fine, one way or another.

New cravings (just in case things don't work out well):

  1. Chromebook Pixel
  2. Blackberry Music Gateway
  3. Vulpine Bike Jacket
  4. Colourful Ted Baker Socks
Must. Have. Faith.