Wistful MIssing

Hrumph. The space bar on my trusty thinkpad is on the blink. Expect to see words stitched together.

Kaui - known as much for its rain as its beaches
I was asked how my weekend was this afternoon while tropical storms raged across the landscape thereby making us who were talking on the phone abort the planned run for that day. As was put very succinctly, "It's cold - AND wet. I don't do cold AND wet". Truly it was like being back in Kauii - there was a big fat, dark cloud rolling in from the East while  The Towers of Morder UBC to the West was nice and sunny. What a change, normally dark clouds are the norm over The Towers of Mordor UBC while we bask in the shoebox with vistas what is situated in the East, but not the far East.

Misled, missed and missing in action
In any case, I think the best way to describe the weekend past is to use the word, and derivatives based on it, MISS - with one exception, when used as an honorific for an unmarried woman, as in Miss Manners, so sorely missed these days, or when referring to Martini Hingis when she played singles, and was single.

The weekend started with a run through and around the park followed by brunch where there was a flurry of missed communications and a series of miscommunicated missives that fortunately I was able to sort out though it isn't really  my mission in life to be one pass messages, missed or otherwise, around. Be that as it may, one has to be polite, kind and generally give people the benefit of the doubt for their actions (see the sorely missed Miss Manners). Nonetheless, that particular mission was undertaken in good faith, although as it turns out, it was mission aborted by the recipients of the newly found after it had gone missing, missives - in short, something electronic was missing in action (more about digital things going missing in action for Dr. J's peace of mind in a moment).

Approach only if found worthy...
That evening, the good Dr. J came over, plonked his feet on my coffee table and let his hair down. But not so much that I really understood what he was up to, nor what he was on about. Fortunately, a long acquaintance with Dr. C has taught me to nod benignly, move my lips to adopt what looks to be a sad and understanding smile, and to turn the question around, as in "Dear me, that sounds dire, and how do you feel about thinking about how that makes you feel?" This flummoxes them into thinking that you're the most empathetic (not pathetic) person they've ever met, and they talk on. A very useful talent to have. Then I fed Dr. J crispy kale, chewy Brussels sprouts, chicken and the pasta of sluts. We then repaired to MR's two-tiered gathering - at 6:30 runners in the next day's race (the Sun Run) went and had pasta; after the racers had supped, then, and only then were the non-racers permitted to attend, to partake of the crumbs under the table as it were. There, there was a merry and gay (mostly gay) crowd chatting away and drinking copiously. Some drank so much that they were throwing chips hither and thither (not naming any names little D) and becoming soaked in red wine (again, not naming any names little D).

Red wine down the gullet and jeans is a bad combination for some
Then Little D demanded to know whither Stan, whether Stan was extant, and I asked did he mean SU (the only Stanley I know), only to have him jump up and down with irritation (or perhaps it was the wine down his jeans making him shiver) at me because that wasn't what he meant, but how am I supposed to know what anybody means? Another example of missing syntax and context, I rather fear.

Then several missives consisting of miss, missed, altered states, bad timing, needs of the silent but loyal and the need to pee after a long day at home came and went. The general tenor was that of apologies and regret at missed opportunities, but you know what, it was fine. This is as it is, the narrative made itself clear, and drama was sent scuttling away into the bright lights of knowledge which vaporizes drama into nothingness. "Pouf!" as CF used to say, "Ca n'existe plus!", with elegant and graceful flexing of her tapered fingers.

Call an orb an orb and I shall know what you mean
Then Dr. J wanted to know about battery chargers. He asked whether there was a battery charger at the party. My turn to be flummoxed at first - I replied no, I hadn't brought my battery charger, and he pounced immediately and said, "you have a battery charger!". Of course I have a battery charger, all the N4s come with one. When he cottoned on, he said, "Not that battery charger, the other battery charger! Is it here?!"

Ah. Ha.

Then I understood the context and the meaning of the chargers, dear reader, it wasn't a battery charger per se. He was really referring to the wireless phone charger what's known as the orb. Well, no, there was no orb at the party, although the phone what should rightfully sit on the orb was. Remember this sentence well.

Trust Bill to say it first, and better.
The next day - there were plans to run, but these were scuppered by the rain and cloud (see above). The start of the day was slow, dark and damp - perfect conditions for drama to rear its ugly head, but fortunately the sun came back out - and lo it was missed - as was I for I chose to not attend a gathering for the anointed due to missing missives and miscommunication that was neither linear, radial nor parallel - deal with that concept, Dr. C. There was a minor tang of regret which was fertilizer for drama, but that was deracinated firmly and forcefully when RP's missive on the four agreements was brought forth again. And that's when we agreed to combine the precepts of the four agreements - to behave with integrity, to not take things personally, to not make assumptions, and to always do your best - were coupled with separating the narrative from the drama - and write a best selling book that will first be marketed to DQs of the world - male, female, gay, straight and other. Toeing the line on narrative and not making assumptions worked well because this day, unlike the previous night, the orb was present, but the phone wasn't. Again, missed connections and and without the connection, how do you get a charge? But as I say, it works itself out eventually when you have integrity, focus on the narrative and behave your best.