Taking steps out of my comfort zone
And no I don't mean Steps the group from the UK which Noodle420 claims is the best pick-me-up when you're feeling down, blue, going through application angst, vacation withdrawal or a potent combination of both.

No, I speak of steps taken forward, steps taken backward and even sideways. Steps towards attaining a goal, although interestingly enough, this actually means stepping backward, not forward. And all this is centred around Orbs what sit looking contentedly zen but ready to charge your N4. Lovely Orbs, lovely in so many ways, but I made a deal with myself about getting (or not) the Orb and the way things are going, the Orb is fading away but not quite faded away yet.

Leaving the orb behind...or approaching the orb...who's to say?
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. Some decisions are in my hand, what shall I do? What shall I do? I tried to explain some of this to Dr. J, but he just laughed evilly at me. Same with BK, he also snorted at me and cleared his throat in a satirical manner as in writing "ahem" when talking about dinner plans on Wed night.

That's right, laugh, evil ones, laugh. Good shall triumph. I know it will, which basically means that I won't, but if I don't then I get the Orb. To Orb or not to Orb - after all, really when one thinks about it, plugging in a USB charger doesn't take that much more time, but there it is much less panache involved than when walking in, and placing one's N4 - such an adorable phone for the surprises it gives me - on the Orb to rejuvenate itself. Speaking of which, I must find a way of rejuvenating my eyes - too bad one can't exfoliate. I may have to try rubbing coffee in the eye region as all the eye unguents have caffeine in them these days.

It's Death calling, or is it?
Anyway, this post mostly to remind myself that steps backwards can sometimes mean steps forwards - it's all in your point of view and perspective. And that statements of faith are useful, as are expectations that are downgraded to realistic ones. So steps taken, or not, either way, it doesn't really matter in the end for fate is is what it will be, you may change the details, but very rarely the end. Actually, you never change the end.

In Memento Mori by Muriel Spark, death calls to remind a group of elderly that they must die. All deny it, but Charmain; she says when reminded, "Yes, I know, no need to remind me, I remind myself daily". And Death replies, "Very pleased to hear this! Good bye." And really, it's not all that morbid but actually an excellent read. Why, the Queen of high cheekbones, Maggie Smith, was in a telly production of Memento Mori although it was difficult to imagine her showing her garters off to a 70 year old man for one quid, and then saying, " the meantime, one pound is one pound".