Done and so can lounge

A waste of sarcasm ...
Done. And just in time too. Whew.

I stuck 'final' onto all the document names, and shipped them off on Monday. Now, they're out of my hands and I'm glad of that. Had become so sick of the whole process - not so much the ideas being espoused - fancy, I'm espousing these days - as of the administrative hoops that have to be leapt through. This was number 3 or 4 since November. I don't remember.

It`s green - do I go or not...

Allz, I know is that in the last few weeks, I've been biking through intersections with my eyes closed - not the ones with lights obviously because the decision's been made for me - Red or Amber - stop, Green, go through - but at four way stop signs. Call it information overload, but my little T-Rex brain couldn't process all the dynamics and politics of a four-way stop sign. Who got there first, who's too stupid to know how four-way stop intersections work and whether I go first or they go first, whether I should be polite and defensive and let them go, etc etc etc.

So I just closed my eyes and went through hoping for the best, and it's worked brilliantly so far. No decision making, less stress and then much faster speeds overall. But I think I'll stop now - particularly in view of the fact that there are some drivers who do the same thing - whether from indecision or stupidity I don't know - but it doesn't really matter because I'd lose any argument between a bike and  car.

So there it is. I'll have to start making decisions again.

Tea for one not three...
I've also heard that there've been rumblings if not grumblings from DWE and ML - not mentioning who's been chirruping away in my ear - about a lack of invitations coming from the East side of town so they can sit, drink and gaze into the far view while sitting in the sun. Well, H and B, it's because I've been waiting to get some extra seating to accommodate your capacious frames. It's been a long haul, but I think I may have found something that will face the blue sofa and complete the salon area in the shoebox. I think they're quite brilliant - 3 feet wide seats with multi-functions to them, and you all know how much multi-functionality appeals to the likes of me. I`ve identified at least 4 things I can do with these three seats, and I`m sure I`ll come up with more  things once they`re actually in the shoebox. At least I`m pretty sure that they`ll come into the shoebox. I`ve taped out some outlines and am now stepping gingerly around them to see how well they will fit into the flow of the traffic and wind in my shoebox. RP has also given me instructions to test out how comfortable the seats are else he`ll not visit and sit in them. Anyway, here`re the functions I`ve identified so far:
Red is the colour of my heart...

  1. They swivel so I can turn away from people I disagree with, or decide to suddenly ignore.
  2. They come in shades of green and red which will either make people green with envy or red with rage - either or is fine as long as an emotion is elicited - after all, that`s what art is not be dull and boring, but to incite some reaction.
  3. They fold out partially into a chaise lounge so I can lounge and cough decorously in the event that I`m stricken with TB. Dr. C will also be able to rent the space in case his client load becomes too heavy for his present office space.
  4. They fold out even more into a bed which I can use to house visitors - and if I get 2, then I can have 2 or more guests. 

The only question now is, what colour. All grey, all red, all green, or some judicious combination of the three. The fourth colour, a muddy, dusty brown is not to be even considered. 
Perfect for tuberculosis...