Memang have to lah, lah.
TAG - also known as "tak ada guna" which has no relation to GUP - also known as "grand universal paradox".

I give up. Been trying to clear my mind of extraneous thoughts so that I can write crystal clear prose about why what I want to do will benefit humankind in general, but humankind in general doesn't want to know. So I guess I'll just write and see what comes out, and perhaps after a few paragraphs describing the chaotic noise within, something will crystallize and the right words will come - failing that, maybe my thoughts will ranger themselves in a manner that M. Hercule Poirot would approve of.

When I turned 30 (not that long ago), I was told that to turn 30 was to enter one's Saturnine years, that is to say, when thing life events take on darker shades than before. I didn't quite understand what S meant at the time, but now, the only thing I want to know is when the Saturnine years stop. Complications follow complications follow complications, and it doesn't show any signs of stopping.

Sweet peas grown without pee
Be that as it may - there are now 4 large pots, and I mean LARGE, on the shoebox's patio. In each are planted my horticultural hopes for the future. Lavender to start with because it's practically a weed that doesn't die in this climate. Then black pansies with yellow centres to match the black bamboo with light green leaves. All I need now are a few pandas to set the scene.

There will be more to come. In the next iteration, there will be window boxes of cheerful, colourful flowers that will wave their pretty little heads in the wind, and two troughs of sweet peas. Then the Japanese maples will come marching in, perhaps a clematis or two, a rambling rose, a pot of honey-suckle, espaliered pear tree, a partridge to sit in the pear tree, a trellis for something that rambles (botanically, not verbally), and maybe a few cherry blossom trees for when I'm in the mood to listen to Madama Butterfly.

Just. You. Wait. This too will come true.

Fatwahs. So personal
In the meantime, my shoulder continues to hurt mostly because I'm undecided still on what medication to take - should it be a pain killer for shoulder, or an anti-histamine for the blocked sinuses except that I'm not certain whether it's really allergies or a residual cold in which case I should probably carry on with drixoral.

Last week, there were a whole plethora of text messages - bing, bing, bing - all day long, but this weekend, not a single one. How easily one is dethroned. Dethrone - that reminds me of defenestration which reminds me of that lovely passage by Salman Rushdie about air becoming glass and glass becoming air and let's not talk about Salman Rushdie because it reminds one of Fatwahs which you meet more often than not in real life.

There was an accident - speaking of real life - on the streets this Sunday. I saw it happen and my one thought was, "where the hell did that car (the one that cut across another and got hit) come from" as it came flying out of nowhere and turned left. Fortunately nobody was hurt, but I had to wait around in my running gear freezing my delicate, but decidedly uncommon, legs to ice in the cold wind of Sunday. Yes, I was a witness, and the police even interviewed me.

Then I saw someone almost walk into the side of a Safeway delivery truck. How does one do that? How oblivious can one be?

Chocolate blown up with digestive juices
The digestive juices are still flowing for three reasons that I can think of - I'm sure there are more - but these are the best I can come up with. Trying to read a situation and respond to it, but am absolutely stumped as to how to interpret what I read. Multiply that by three times - that is to say - three situations that require tact and delicate stepping amongst a minefield, when what I really want to do is just clomp my way through  the minefields and set off as many mines as I can without being blown up, not that that's really possible because it's quite likely the first mine that goes off will take me with it. Oh yes, it so will. Boom. Boom. Boom. Three times.

Most times I can have a good sense of  how something will turn out, but what's happening goes beyond the pale and all is muddy and fogged, or perhaps it's the lack of antihistamines, pain killer or drixoral that cause the fog and mud. So what would you do? Go puddle jumping instead of mine jumping?

Not needed in the final analysis
So I must remember what Aunt Sadie said, "...and who knows, perhaps these dreadful measures mayn't be needed after all" after Linda insisted that  everyone have a cyanide pill on hand in case they were captured by the Nazis.

But you can't always think like that because there is a trickle-down effect. Someone accused me of having a mid-life crisis recently because I was talking about retiring, or at least leaving what I do far, far, far behind me. Well, all I can say is that were I truly having a mid-life crisis, I would have purchased the UE900 IEM speakers by now, but I'm not.  Speaking of which, where, BK, where oh where is my EOS?

And in the final analysis, scaly legs are scary. There are times too when physics problems, the kind which say X moves along in this direction with a particular force and time (i.e. a vector) while Y moves with a different vector force, when, or will X and Y collide? And if there is a collision (much like the one I witnessed on Sunday), then what will be the result? Will one be knocked off course, or will the angle at which they approach each other approach infinity which is to say, they become parallel and move smoothly along until another foreign body with mass and force comes along and causes a perturbation in which case - the three body problem - quantum mechanics fails from the human HOV because it becomes too complex a calculation. So what is the solution? It's not a matter of X or Y prevailing, it's a matter of collision, action and reaction. Physics after all doesn't care. Human beings unfortunately aren't as impartial as quantum leaps to unjustified conclusions. So perhaps to philosophy?

A day gone to hell, another empty wine bottle, more hell
This day was completely shot to HELL. Completely. Nothing was achieved - at least nothing that will further this little dreamlet I'm trying to get down on paper. Quantum leaps indeed. There were too many interruptions and demands for this and that. I should have taken the cosmic hint and gone home to tenderize the not so tender chunks of beef that were sold to me by charlatans. Be that as it may, I tried to salvage part of the day by being an anatomical (but fully dressed) model where in my torso was rocked left to right to show a class how not to behave when extending one's limbs - remember, never call them legs or arms, but limbs - and then I came home and ate vegetable matter by the shovelful. And now I will take one more item of a list of things that I never got to make this morning. I rather hope that X and Y trend towards infinity myself, but that's only a quantum desire for solace.