Stochastic Gossip Illicitation

Jowly Jim has sympathetic angst with me
Well, it's safe to say that the PABs are over. The unfortunate thing is that they've been replaced by the PAAs (Pre-Application Agnsts). Best summed up by knowing that there's a bullet with your name on it heading directly for your head deadline approaching, but you're paralyzed by indecision on what to write about, and what's the point anyway since the chances of getting funded are pretty much minimal and oh why can't I be in Beatrix Potter land with cute little hedgehogs.

Must. Buy. Fecking. Lottery. Ticket. Even if the jackpot is less than 20 million dollars.

Hate this feeling. I so hate this feeling. HATE - such an unproductive emotion, but when channelled correctly, it can be cathartic, vindicating and generally pleasing. The trick is knowing when and how to channel it.

Right - Richard Strauss is not doing it for me today - it's back to Mozart. The Requiem, of course. For the death throes of winter.

Crows perched waiting to take ones eyes out...
And then my feet are cold, which isn't the same thing as having cold feet, which in turn is not to say that I don't have cold feet because they are cold. At least I don't have a cold although the March allergies are back and my whole face itches, my eyes beg to be scratched out and generally everything is all prickly and hypersensitive to everything. Thank goodness for certizine even if I'm only taking half the dosage I should be taking because when I take the full dosage, my head feels like a sponge that's been put into a clamp. No lovely, soft and cuddly hedgehog here either.

SGI sent to think over its sins in the corner
The sneaky BK sent me a text message out of the blue the other day to ask how SaTAN was, hoping that I'd slip and reply with information that he's been angling for. In blue - his feeble attempt at surprising an answer out of me.

How's SaTAN? Any news?
Mar 08 9:16 am
You really think you can surprise me into answering don't you...
Mar 08 9:17 am
Yes, it's called SGI
Mar 08 9:22 am
Stochastic gossip illicitation
unstarredtrashcanMar 08 9:22 am

So there you have it, stochastic gossip illicitation. However, some refinement in the technique is needed because it didn't work and BK quickly switched over to bribery - so the deal is, I will provide him with all the details he wants to know in exchange for a VW EOS, but only when the EOS is delivered into my parking spot. We'll see when that happens, but if I were you, I wouldn't hold your breath - well unless you want to.

The sap quotient rises...
The sap is rising, there are little buds on the apricot tree which I had really given up for dead after an overly enthusiastic pruning before the move. The green slime has taken up residence in the crevices of the patio tiles, but I must not be taken in by this pretence of warmth because there will be cold spells to come yet - cold spells that will freeze any foolhardy seedling foolish enough to poke its head out of the soil between now and April.

Right then. Enough. I must do something about my cold feet. BK says that I should invest in Pugs because they're bred to sit on Emperor feet to keep them warm. From there, we wandered (at least, I did, I'm not sure that BK actually kept up - he was probably humouring me) from Pugs to Emperors and the whim and power of Emperors to command behaviours, except that I pointed out that commanded behaviour comes from fear, not love and in time will likely lead to selected beheading, and that's my point exactly: Cold feet will lead to losing your head.