Dame Kiri anxiously checking the weather report
It all starts with cold feet.

Joseph Loosey said that Kiri Te Kanawa thought with her feet - i.e. that when her feet were cold (as in filming his version of Don Giovanni) she would lose focus.

Then BK said I should have pugs to keep my feet warm. All very well when one is an Emperor ensconced in a throne room with a throne on a dais, but really, what does one do when one is walking briskly about I ask? The poor pugs can't possibly scamper around and try to sit on your feet - even if it's (apparently) a biological imperative with them.

Don't think! Don't think! Don't think!
So I've elected to go for a hot cup of tea and a raisin tart thing to feed my brain - because like Patrick in Coupling, there is some truth in there not being enough blood for my brain and my feet - except that in his case, it wasn't his feet, but a little bit higher up. It was said of him that he would pass out if thought while in coitus. Of course, neither Jane, Sally  nor Susan would confirm it.

When my feet are cold, my head is also cold and that then causes havoc with everything in between. It certainly doesn't do anything for the PAAs which are getting better slowly.

Dame Agatha goes surfing waves
Did you know that one of Dame Agatha Christie's passions was surfing? It's true. You might not think it to see pictures of her in the 70s but after the first world war, yes, she wore green woollen swimsuits and went surfing in Hawaii.

Hawaii can't come soon enough. Even though the weather forecast has been revised, and downgraded from snow flurries to wet rain with occasional sun, for next weekend, the temperatures will not be that warm. This will please RP no doubt because he has a thick, warm coat that he's not been able to use while in the East. Others have fled, or fleeing to the States South of us, and it is to be hoped that some will bring the warmth back with them.

Then despite the rain that tumbles down from the skies, the pollen from conifers causes havoc with my sinuses, and then with the pain in my shoulder, I no longer know whether to reduce IgGs or cytokines. What if there are contraindications and I succumb into some coma and my body is held ransom for the highest bidders for bits and pieces of my organs? Oh, that's been made into a movie you say? How prescient of the screenwriter to write an entire movie based on my life to be.

It behoves me to remember that there are options, and that these options must be explored. There are two that are at the edge of my peripheral view. One is home-grown, and the other may involve VOIL. Good thing I fed those strawberries to little K way back then.

Bewitched, bewildered and boggled...
Under the skin. Did you know that some extreme runners actually have their toe-nails removed so that they no longer go through the agonies of blackened toes and toe-nails that fall off? A bit extreme if you ask me. So why did I get under skin? Perhaps because last night a Chef's knife fell against my knuckle and nicked it. Then I lost control and went out to get some comfort food and found that Oreos were on sale. I told DWA about this - "Gawd, Oreos are on sale!", and he jumped to the wrong conclusions - at least wrong for now - and only time will tell and skin will regrow and cover up the cuts and death-blows from Chef Knives. Then he went on about rain washing away dog poo that recalcitrant dog owners don't pick up.

Jack rustles in the grass...
Were I to get a dog, I may now switch from a Labrador to a Jack Russell Terrier - fearless and loyal little guys that they are. I can see it now, having a JR terrier trotting behind me, and a Peregrine Falcon circling above me. Life would be grand then. And when life is grand, feet are warm, and when feet are warm heads are warm which in turn means that hearts are warm, and work gets done, and options and mere wisps of possibilities suddenly become solid.

David Hunter Garden centres have lost my custom forever. They have been rude once too many times and now they're too good to answer the phone. Instead, Lane from the Urban Garden gets my vote - it's actually not too much of an option really - there're only two serious gardening centres in the city - and I shall go purchase pots and soil and start the patio project in lieu of working on the weekend.

Dreaming of matthiola
I shall start slow as advised by the good Dr. C.

  1. A large pot for the black bamboo
  2. Three containers for the lavender
  3. Three supports for the three containers for the lavender
  4. A container with a trellis for the sweet peas; maybe two
  5. Continue winnowing the cherry blossom and Japanese maple trees before getting more pots for the end of the summer
  6. Masses of Matthiola, midnight candy and assorted black pansies and violas.
Is this slow enough? Time will tell. 

So here I sit. Planning my options, and getting the opening paragraph written to set the 'muhd', as Murtharg use to say.