Regulating Neuronal Substrates

Did PDACs make dinosaurs extinct?
I'm saturated now. I'm not sure I can take in any more details about how neurons are formed, and once formed how they process secretions so that your brain can take in information and make sense of it. Of course the rub is that not only do I have to make sense of it, but also have to apply it to how organs other than the brain use them. In particular, PDACs, and even more particular, PaINs. This of course is in addition to understanding the inherent resolutions, sensitivities (not very) and specificities (even worse) of more acronyms: MRI, FDG-PET, PET-CT, FLT, EUS, and CT alone. Today's task is to understand how and why we can't see PDACs in their infancy, and how FAPs, NRXs, and TRIPs in the CAFs (who are related to MyFIPS) initially prevent (but not for very long) PaINs from bursting out of their little world - you can't keep a child indoors indefinitely after all - and becoming PDACs who then go on to block ducts, take over livers and bone and generally cause havoc for everyone.

A heat map of genes?
I can't take much more of this. I don't have the desire to know more and all I want is to be put in a self-induced coma so my mind settles down, and for my body to be put in some memory foam that's cut out into a shape to force my muscles, nerves and bones back into their original shape. Then I can go to sleep for a few years and wake refreshed with the hope that someone much cleverer, and with more resources than me, will have found a clever way of detecting PaINs, and stiffening the spines of all CAFs so they don't pay attention to PaINs and squeeze the life out of them so they never become PDACs, and then all will be well with the world.

Be that as it may. I must stop having pipe-dreams for this will, like Sally saying to Patrick "I will never sleep with you Patrick. Ever, ever, ever. EVER.", never come true, Ever, ever, ever. EVER.

In short, I'd best get back to my reading and writing.

Marilyn never slumped to the right, did she?
To not do today:

  • Read the news
  • Look up what's happening with the bugdroids
  • Slump over to my right
  • Overthink
  • Make decisions based on suppositions that are unknown
  • Forget what Agatha's wise mother had to say
  • Overlook the pangs of hunger
  • Ignore the aide-memoire in blue

On se cache quand on se cache...
One last thing, I'll spend a few minutes extracting facile wisdom from Daniel Lavoie and apply it to the general (In the end nothing in life really  matters because we all die) and specific (in the end, it's not important what happens (or doesn't happen) today or tomorrow or the next day, because I too will die someday).

On vient quand on vient. 
On part quand on part,
Sans importance. Sans importance çaOn est comme on est. 

On va où on va,
Sans importance. 
Sans importance ça

So true.