Quick, how many types of frames can you think of?

Nothing, especially framing, is ever this simple

  1. Frames - the kind that go around a picture of painting. 
  2. Framework - My least favourite kind because this often means that we put down a list of meaningless (well not always) sentences that's supposed to describe an exciting, novel, innovative project that will save the world, well maybe not the world, but the people who live in the world, except that the people you're working so hard to save often do it to themselves. 
  3. Frames - the kind that go around your eyes. One of my favourite types because I get to change my face without surgery, botox or unnecessary pinching of skin folds, or duct tape behind the ears.
  4. Frames - as in frame of a house, or hothouse, or those little box type things with glass in them you put over cucumbers and such growing in a cold climate - cold frames I believe they're called. 
  5. Frame - as in to make people believe that someone did something when really they haven't. Nefarious in so many ways, but so useful in others.
  6. Frame - as in framing a question, or my absolute favourite, putting an action into a context that lifts the responsibility of the decision or action off your shoulders but in some clever twisted way also provides a rationale for doing what you want to do, but which you shouldn't really be doing. 
He who doesn't desire an orb is heartless
So let's talk more about # 6, my inimitable way of rationalizing how to get something that I shouldn't really get favourite kind of frame, but the kind of frame that makes Dr. J sigh at me, and Dr. C look over his glasses at me while he sends me a message by text that should really go to the minor Greek philosopher. Actually, Dr. C, I take it back because you're not the only one who's done it to me, someone else sent me a message meant for someone else. Fortunately it wasn't salacious. Fast and furious fingers but not very observant eyes, I suppose. 

You see, I would like a wireless charging solution (setting up the frame here). However, I don't really need one for as Dr. J said, "It's not that difficult to plug the USB charger into your phone".  My answer to that, by the way was, "I know it's not difficult, but you so miss the point".

However, even though I don't need one, I want one, but not as badly as I would like something else. In particular, I'm thinking of the Nexus 4 charging orb (I mean, it's an ORB for goodness sake! Who wouldn't want one?!).

Had Faust a good lawyer, he and Marguerite would have
had a much easier life
 So I made a bargain with myself  (defining the frame here): If the thing that I so badly want (*) doesn't come to be, then I will allow myself to get the orb as a sort of consolation prize. To be honest though, and there's nothing ambiguous about this desire,  I would much rather (and this is very unlike me) have the other and not have the orb, but if I can't have the one, then I may as well have the orb - even if it collects lint and dust on the sticky rubber ring what holds the N4 tightly on the orb, my bitter tears shed over not getting the other what I really want would gently wash the dust off the orb and it would all balance out somehow. See? it all makes sense doesn't it?

Then it got complicated. Because I had to quantify the process. After all, you can't hold on indefinitely - orbs will go out of fashion - so you must know when one's desired happening is thwarted so that one can get the orb and shed the bitter tears etc, etc, etc. Dr. J asked how this was to be quantified, and I perplexed him by saying that there were 8 steps backwards, and that once the 8 steps were achieved, then all thoughts of getting the orb into my greedy little grasping hands would be given up - without regret, remorse or second thoughts(**). 

3 down, 5 to go, or 3 ahead...time will tell.
So at the day I thought of getting the orb, I received information that made me take two paces away from the orb. And then I was stymied for a day, and was all but ready to step back to the orb when more information was got and I stepped back another instead and now I'm 3 steps back. Today, I'm 4 steps back - yes, I think so - there has to be integrity in the matter or else it doesn't mean anything. 

(*) Contrary to popular belief, there are some things that I value more than my N4 - not many, but there are some who are worthy.

In other news - nothing metaphorical or ambiguous here:

Jingle bells, jingle bells...Blam! Blam! BLAM!
  1. I  have adopted a Buddhist strain of thought and not set unrealistic expectations which I will fail at so that I can then berate myself; in the words of Robertson Davies, "Life is a glorious mess, you just jump into it". I'm jumping - but not off a bridge.
  2. I saw the original Django on Friday even though I was in an absolutely foul mood (I hadn't adopted point 1 yet you see) after dining with the good Drs.
  3. I purchased 2 baby cherry trees which will grow on my patio - and even provide me with fruit for jam, I hope.
  4. I saw Balm in Gilead with the much feared CT at Studio 58
  5. I have a plan for Monday
  6. I walked one more step back from the orb even though others, weaker than me, might have stepped towards the orb.
A slab is really nothing more than a flattened orb
(**) I may also have found something better than the orb, it's a rectangle, a smooth black rectangle with a pulsating blue LED light that tells you when charging is complete. It's sleek, flat and doesn't collect dust and lint so will not require bitter tears for washing.
Hmm. Here's a thought - how about this, if I attain my 8 steps backwards, not get the orb, but get what I deserve instead, then I could get the slab and then I'd get to eat my cake, and keep it too - and after all, how many can say that about their frames? So will you root for me? Will you cross your fingers that I make the remaining necessary steps? And get the slab