Drixoral Dreams

Keeping death at bay with moisturizer is a secret few know about.
The cold feet continue to be cold. So much for the pineapple express (or was it guava? I forget what the SOCK called it now despite many a lecture on what this express is supposed to be). Unfortunately, the cold feet has now gone to my head as well and my sinuses are somewhat swollen but being rapidly beaten back by Zn and drixoral - the big green tablets that squeeze you out like a sponge.

No point moisturizing these next few days, whatever Sally says about 'proper moisturizing keeping death at bay', it'll all be squeezed out by the big green tablets. I must say, they do look like M and Ms - and why it's almost St. Patrick's Day - how appropriate.

So I'm going to sit at home and sulk today. Well, and try to write another application - much the same thing really - and keep my feet warm by drinking lots of tea, then I'll probably go to the loo a lot too.

On vient quand on vient...
I was rudely awakened by a nasty sound this morning at 7 am. It was the yoga people downstairs cutting into some concrete. I'm sure GA was not pleased, although he might already have left as he's a very early bird. The awakening was unfortunate not just for the noise, but also because it interrupted my first Beatrix Potter dream. Yes, the hedgehog whom I've referenced several times appeared in my dreams. He had a little beret on, and had combed his spikes into alternating rows that went opposite directions so it looked he had a striped sailor shirt on. And he sang in French - although he was quick to say that, "Moi, je ne suis pas Quebecois!", no, it was either Manitoba or New Brunswick, but I don't remember which. Hopefully not New Brunswick as that province is dead to Dr. Shark, and what Dr. Shark deems dead, one dare not resurrect - once dead, always dead I say - that's the least they can do.
Anyway, there I was in this pastoral setting and M. Hedgehog, what i wonder is the French word for Hedgehog - why, it's herisson. Anyway, so there I was in this pastoral setting, and M. Hedgehog, what I wonder is the French word for Hedgehog? Why, it's hérisson - thank you Google, and so M. Hérisson stood on his hind legs, swayed beatifically and these profoundly wise words came out:

*On vient quand on vient, 
On parle quand on parle, 
Sans importance ça, sans importance...

A little dreamlet what didn't go as dreamt
Well, they were wise and seemed very profound at the time. Now, not so much unless I impute (I'm so good at imputation)  some meaning into them, and actually that would be difficult because the text could apply to so many situations at the moment. How nice of M. Hérisson (who I now take to be my personal totem and personification of the chaotic sound within me) to give me such a one-size fits all phrase. In addition to the Jack Russell Terrier and Peregrine Falcon trailing me as I wander around with my cold feet,  I shall henceforth be humming these phrases over and over again which really (my own one-size-fits-all description) means that It [place your own predicament here] will happen, or it won't, but either way, it's of no importance in the larger scheme of things. 

Goodness, Drixoral does make one feel profound - I did tell DWA that there were some good OTC drugs out there. I wonder whether this is a side-effect of the drug. Could be useful when I write visionary things about subjects I know very little about.

Editing is a lost art...
And that day will come sooner than I think. Dream a little dreamlet and let it wander as it will, and collect what if finds. Goodness, the dreamlet idea has the same applicability as the lyrics from M. Hérisson! I think I'm onto something here. I wonder what would happen if I take another green tablet before the first 12 hours are up.....But before I get too far with personal pharmacology, I should go edit my life. You see, I've fallen under the spell of Graham Hill, he who hugged trees, and not he who raced fast cars around tracks. Lovely idea to be ruthless about scrapping away the accretions of life so you can move faster, lighter and with less responsibility through the different phases of life. It's not so much about not having, or buying, but more about having what you need and letting, well, M. Hérisson really did say it best. I must dream more - Drixoral Dreams - what a clever concept - and see what else pops out of my subconscious.

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