Agatha's wisdom

"She had much Christian endurance, Christian fortitude, but not much Christian charity", I read.

And I thought,  that's my life. Insufficient charity, Christian or monetary, is shown to me. Verily this is so.

I came to this conclusion because of an email that popped into my mailbox from November 2011, and the Heavens wept or if not exactly weep then shed a tear or two. Mind you it is unclear to me whether in sorrow, anger or with mirth.

Some things have changed, others remain intractable and when I send the latest version out to the future, there will be new things to forget.

Forgetting - that is the one saving grace left to me... As long as I stop sending emails to my future self.

The question is, do I want to know the valleys and mountains of life, or the plains of ignorance?

Will thou rob me blind too?

Christian charity - I don't want it.