Thorns, horns and fins.

There are two things that I want to speak about, shout even, but I can't because if these words were ever traced back to me by the people I want to shout about, and at, then 1)  I would never ever have access to E, F and G drives again - Already H drive is inaccessible to me when it should really be; and 2) word would get around - not very accurately perhaps since Dr. J is still somewhat blurry - but it would get around, and this would haunt me for The. Rest. Of. My. Life.

And I'm already ghostly enough, so why would I want more hauntings to compete with my own haunting? I ask.

Suffice to say, what he said was something along two wrongs don't make a right, and I heard two Wongs don't make a white, and said, how true, very sad, but so true.

Then I was accused of being blurry, but I ignored this.

So eat energy one, these people. Anyway, I can't say anything about either and it miffs me because I so want to gnash my teeth, and beat my breast in public to show my anguish. And yes, I do have phantom anguish you know, my tender heart beating away all afraid and alone in the dark red chamber of my chest cavity. Poor thing, poor thing. There, there, there.

Mrs. Hubbard's advice was, "I shouldn't think about it if I were you", all very sound if not very practical. Then I came across Rob Brezshovsky's advice, which he claims is tailored to me, and it ran something like this...I really couldn't bear to reproduce the exact text as it was somewhat woolly and lacking in grammatical structures although he did make up for it with enthusiasm and exclamation points - must be quite an excitable fellow this Rob B - but anyway, here it is:

We are human! We are frameworks of flesh and bone! Giant waves of emotion and feeling crash and swirl within!! These waves are prone to interference from the moon's cycles! They can overwhelm, crash through the framework and drown you! This is what you must do! Acknowledge these waves of feeling and emotion! Neither reject nor welcome them! Let them be! Let them evolve and see what happens!!

Hmm. I shouldn't think too much about it if I were you. For as Mickey said, thinking gives people ideas, and we all know that ideas can be dangerous.

So crash away, swirl away, I shall neither reject nor welcome you, I shall detach and evolve. Yes. That's what I'm good, I shall evolve.

And finally, Dr. J also said, "It's a bad sign, all this crashing and swirling, I'd let well alone if I were you".

Yes. It certainly doesn't bear thinking about does it? Else one may get ideas, and at my age, ideas are often nothing more than recycled patterns from the past that you try very hard to forget, and what you forget, unfortunately, you are doomed to repeat.

So be it. Bring it on. I'll see you out of my framework yet.

And how did all this start? Well, I was told that I wasn't being forthright enough, not being proactive enough, that I should go out and grasp the thistle by the thorn, the bull by the horns, and the shark by the fin. Except that I had been forthright, proactive and grasped all manner of thorns, horns and fins. And so I said so, I gave examples, talked about yellow cables and so forth (forgetting here). And he gasped, a blurry gasp mind you, but a gasp nonetheless and that's when he said what he said.

Not. Very. Helpful.  Dr. J.