Pusing then pengsan lah

Lining spin states up with fields
There is a difference between narrative and drama. Narrative is what's happening, and drama is when you impute emotions and illogical interpretations onto narrative. The trouble lies in teasing them both apart especially when you have a spinning head (metaphorical not like Regan's), which is prone to imputing. The result of imputing onto narrative is imputation, or in other words, you mistake the drama for narrative and act accordingly.

This is not good because then your head spins even more, and then there's imputing and even higher levels of imputation, and that leads to your head spinning even more until you either vomit or pass out. Of the two, I would rather pass out - but only if there's someone there to catch me and lower me gently to the ground and not take advantage of my unconscious state.

Imputation - so fattening 
For example, today, I can't decide whether I want to run or not. The narrative is indecisiveness, the consequence of running or not running is immaterial to the narrative. However, if I impute (can you tell this is my mot du jour?) weight gain should I not run, or maintain a healthy weight should I run, then that's the beginning of drama. Because then I would wonder about the consequences of gaining, or not, weight and whether I'll end up even more reclusive than ever because if I gain weight, it will become harder to run, and so I'll gain even more weight and then I'll become stuck in my shoebox what has vistas, and have to be lifted out of a cut wall with a crane, and that would make Strata very unhappy and then I'd be sent a bill for the repairs which would mean that I'd have to work more, which in turn would afford me less time to run, and then I'd have to declare bankruptcy, and eat only cheap processed foods which would make me even bigger, and I'd be even more stuck in my shoebox, and die in some horrible manner and my estate would have to buy the box that Steinway Grand Pianos come in, in order to bury me, and goodness, what would Strata say if they had to cut another hole in the wall.

See what I mean? The narrative is simple, the drama grows. There's a lesson in here, and it's meant only for me, but I'll share it with you.

Narrative: Random acts and meaningless gestures
Drama: Spin, spin, spin and we all fall down.

*Sebenarnya,  ku akui aku menggilainya dan memang ini terjadi gelora asmara dalam harapan ku.