Sufficient gold thread for a Bishop?
If today is successful, the Vatican shall have no choice but to make me a Saint. Even if I'm not a Roman Catholic. However, I am High Church, so that's almost as good. The real difference between RC and HC is the thread count number - not of the cotton strands in the robes worn by the ministers, but the ratio between gold thread and cotton thread - integration of the rich and poor as it were. Much like social housing in the Woodwards building, which is a bit sad as apparently there are separate entrances for the two groups, and the less privileged group are asked to 'move along' once they are on the street. It's true. You only have to read the Mop and Pail, Canada's National, but without a French version, Paper.

Perhaps I'm not so much High Church as High Dudgeon, but I'll take that anyway.

More than 2000 characters, and you've busted a seam
You see, the Vatican shall have to anoint me because I'm expected to perform miracles today. Last week, I had the pleasure of compressing 13 pages of text into 1, then as an added test, into 2000 characters (spaces included). Did that. Today, I repeat the process but with 4 pages of text into 10 lines. Then I have to create a reasonable budget that will pay 1.5 salaries, buy unreasonable numbers of pampered, and genetically modified organisms and buy bars of gold - have you seen the price of gold lately? Then write a few charming letters, make nice with people later today when they've already undermined me, and then decide how I'm going to spend the next tranche of money.

It was very depressing to notice yesterday that I did something which I did 10 years ago. This was a sleight-of-hand process to get around some asinine regulations. I didn't like doing ten years ago, I didn't like doing it yesterday, but I could see no other way around it - the depressing part is, that we've been talking about, and trying to, change this process. Ten years and no progress. WTF.

There are other things which are being compressed as well - of course there are - but not very successfully. Little drops of acidic irritation keep spurting out, and I'm not inclined to try too hard to stop them from coming out. It relieves internal pressures to manageable levels you see. Now, to select an item from the list of things that have to be done.

My cup runneth over, and it's not with joy. At least not today.

This. Too. Shall. Pass.