Hot parties to welcome cosmic fates

A suitable cosmic fate?
Last night, I had fish tacos with cabbage to boost my internal fibre. This was necessary to face the demons of today. Yes, the yellow cable is still an issue. However, I realised that you only have so many victories in life, and you must choose your battles carefully. I choose not to fight this battle and instead will show my disdain for them by signing their pedantic and small-minded forms with a flourish, then wave them away saying, "Get it done". I shall leave their cosmic punishment to the fates.

The reason I was having fish tacos was because the performance of Great Expectations that was supposed to be broadcast last night was cancelled. Problems with the transmission - apparently I'm not the only person to have problems with IT support staff not giving out yellow cables, or plugging them in after they've been unplugged. As a result, Dr. C and I hared over the bridge and went to a prickly cafe for some libation (him) and fodder (me). We chatted about many things and in part about parties and the ridiculously mind-numbing hangovers one can get from them. At least, this is what I think he was talking about.

Parties III, IV et V are on the horizon. Yes? (This for the uninitiated is a poke at SaTAN - you know who you are).

Delicious monetary policy
Anyway, parties - best to avoid them - much like thinking, you only get ideas and they will only dump you into trouble with a capital T.

I have a dilemma, and this has so perturbed me that I can't think of anyway to make it cryptic and put me in a good light, for the reasons that give rise to the dilemma are only selfish and unreasonable. You see,  Dyson has taken $100.00 of the purchase price of their Hot Tower  - remember the Hot Tower? The answer to a holistic lifestyle where in one sleek, blue and gorgeously classical modern art looking package, you get a heater-fan and normal fan without any blades or air buffetting characteristics, and a remote control that's curved so it sit on the top of the tower. 

That's almost 25% off. But I shouldn't do this if I'm to remain in Mark Carney's (so deliciously strict looking, but I'm sure, very fair in his strictness) good books.

Checking for dust on the Hot Tower
The rationale goes as follows: 
  • The shoebox what has vistas also has high ceilings
  • The baseboard heaters heat air in around them, which rises and collects in the high ceilings
  • My feet become cold, then the rest of my body for I'm not that tall
  • The Hot Tower would circulate hot air around more efficiently and I wouldn't be cold
  • I could use the Hot Tower for spot heating, and not use the baseboard heaters
  • This would cut down on my hydro bill, and why, the Hot Tower would pay for itself
  • Since it's designed to be a holistic lifestlye solution I could also use it during the summer to move air around to cool me off because the shoebox what has vistas also has Western exposure and many acres of glass - bound to be toasty in the summer if the sun ever comes out
  • Of course, I can also see advantages to having cold shoeboxes - what for example, if there is a party at the shoebox, and it's warm (because of the Hot Tower), then there'd be no aggregation (for warmth you see) and little social intercourse, and then the party would be a dud. Should I take my chances with this? To stay warm, or to have a dud party?
  • Of course, the biggest driving (don't get me started on the VW EOS) force is the simple fact that, Hungry. Wants. One.

What would you do?