I should focus more and panic less
8 more days to the day which comes 15 days before the Ides of March. Or something like that.

Who can say? Not me - all I know is that before I write concise prose I have to get all the superfluous thoughts out of my head so I can focus. Scads of coffee no longer do it - well maybe if I drip the hot brew directly into my gritty eyes....

Anyway, In no particular order:

Shades of blue that I can live with
PABs - Post Application Blues. You finish an application, you submit on time, a few hours early even, and the adrenaline dissipates and you're drained of all original thought, energy, good will and the spark of life. It doesn't help either when the SOCK shed nasty viral particles on you a week earlier so you're also trying to clear your lungs and nasal passages of macrophages what trap those nasty viral particles - why do you think snot is so sticky and green?

Anyway - so there you go. One down but no rest for the wicked because the next one reared its ugly head almost immediately and I had to run talking about stuff I don't know very much about. I was told to speak with confidence, and that at this stage of the game, it was more important to squeeze everything into 30 lines than to spout expert, insider information on the techniques, methods and materials and outcomes. 

Managed to do that by Monday, got that one in as well - and went through a second bout of adrenaline disappearing etc. Could I sleep though? Could I go for a short run and clear my head? Could I go stretch out in a nice warm spot in the sun? No - there was very little sun anyway - so no stretching like a cat or sitting in the sun. 

Of course not, the third application reared its uglier head and whoosh I was off getting the red tape sorted out and creating flow charts of what we want to do. Necessary so that I can write - after all you have to know what your'e going to do before you describe it. I'm almost there. Almost, but almost isn't the end.

Liquid Sun
Sun and warmth. Working on the precept that if the Sun won't come to me, I shall go to it - not merely go to it, but fly to it. Also on the subject of sun, he did pop his head out for a few hours on Saturday and his rays streamed through the shoebox what has vistas. Well it makes sense doesn't it, you have vistas, you're bound to get sun some of the time. Anyway, sun, stream and with the heat off, the temperature in the shoebox hit 19C. Lovely. Except then why didn't the daily power use bars on BC Hyrdo drop? Why did they go up instead, and why did BC Hydro start sending me warning messages? Why indeed? I shall ask RP - he knows, he worked on these warning messages. I just hope it's not a case of mistaken identity what happened with the other HG in this building. 

But anyway - Sun. Flying to it. I booked a flight to Kauai for Easter - sorry DWA - we had enough doom, gloom, cloud and cold temperatures on Sunday - said, "Feck it!" and booked. There'd better be sun there the week I'm there. Else there'll be much more complaining and whining. 

Not 1, but 2!
Love is in my life again. When I acquired the shoebox what has vistas, I was plunged into abject penury - but just how abject in the first few months, few knew - except Dr. J, who kindly offered me financial assistance ("Just sign here Dr. Ghost", he said) but on not so kindly terms ("Take it or leave it", Dr. Ghost, he said). And the terms? Well, I was barred from purchasing a new Nexus phone until I paid him back, and he knew, he damn well knew that the Nexus 4 was about to be announced. 

The Nexus 4 was duly announced, and I sat with tears in my eyes listening to the announcement, reading the reviews (in a blurry sort of way) and cursing my abject penury which prevented me from paying Dr. J back quickly. However, I scrimped, I saved, I drank instant coffee, I  eschewed doughnuts and switched from bread to oatmeal and used Kale as my main source of greens. Last week, I finally transferred the last of my payments to the good Dr. J. And two minutes after, ordered not 1, but 2 Nexus 4 phones. I couldn't help it. I had to. All that waiting led to pent-up pressures within that had to be released. So I purchased 2. Two, I tell you!

A day to celebrate!
Of course, Dr. J will get one to celebrate International Women's Day, and also to say thank you, and also so that he'll stop complaining about the slowness of his phone. Needless to say, this plan - the surprise Nexus 4 for Dr. J - was almost torpedoed when he announced last week, AFTER I'd ordered the phones, and AFTER they'd already left Hodgkins, IL, for the West, that his phone wasn't working, and should he purchase a Nexus 4? 

I e-mailed him quickly and told him to wait, that there was a new phone coming out, and that he'd be dead to me if he were to get N4. Then on the weekend, he e-mailed me to say that his phone was dead, and that he had to get a new phone. And I panicked because - how to get hold of him? What if he were already purchasing a new phone while the N4s were already well on their way to Spokane. Thank Goodness for Google Talk - he called me from his PC - and I had to confess what I'd done to stop him from buying a phone. Whew. It was a close call. 

Anyway, they're here. And again, there's love in my little life again. And how. 

Love inspires light heart, feet and head.
They're lovely. Even the critical Dr. J agrees - "so fast! so fluid! Like night and day (compared to the old phone)!" 

So last night, knowing that a N4 was in my little hands again, I joined the Wed night group for a run, and instead of having a slow, uninspired run, I ran with a light heart, even lighter feet and felt like I was scudding across the course like a floating cloud blown by a fresh wind - see?

Love can be so inspiring, but not so good with numbers...