1. How long have you waited, how long 'till you drown...or so Sarah M warbles away. And you're left wondering whether she means drown as in death by drowning, drowning by numbers, or drowning in the Rivers of Love. The first time I heard it, I though it meant rivers of love, but then in the summer of 2010, I was absolutely certain it meant death by drowning, and she was ill-wishing. Now, I'm not sure again. I mean, it's a song so you can't just go with the lyric, you have to put the lyric into context with the music and the way she sings the lyric, and I tell you, it's an ambiguous lyric the she sings it. The question is, I guess, what do I make of it. Not saying.
  2. Scorpion poison. The little Iceberg Twins are looking for some. Not quite sure what for, but they were muttering the name +Jim Long over and over again while on the search. I'd best keep an eye on them.
  3. It's always a numbers game and if I don't get the numbers right, World War II will break out again. I think I've got it right. Not 100% sure yet, but I hope they're right. If I get them wrong, then certain people may have to give up their shoe boxes (not me just yet though). So I hope it doesn't happen. Numbers - so frustrating. Or at least they can be, if you let them get to you.
  4. Pink little piggy, pink little piggy, pink little Danish piggy, logo for their porcine industry.
  5. What was it Don Henley said in "If we try?" If we did indeed. Hrumph.
  6. It's a sign. Is it now? I can hear DWE's sardonic voice say.
  7. I do want to be beside the seaside, I do want to be.
  8. Feel the sun coming down on me as she slips into the sea. Flames rise, you burn on them. Flame and what's in a name. It's all a game. Thank you Geri, but please put some weight on.
  9. Then there's DH hisself - he who almost jumped off a bridge in Lunen town but then changed his mind, picked up the guitar, started a second hobby as a DJ and finally got his share of the limelight when he said that if it's a game, then he's playing all his cards, but that it wasn't doing him any good and that he'd best be led to the dark, or if it was the truth, then to break his heart right away. Of course, he didn't quite plumb the depths of Sarah's river of drowning. All those rules, twists and turns.
  10. And as fast as the images come into my mind, they too disappear. There were at least three other pithy, pretentious, portentous, pontifical points I was going to make for posterity, but too bad, it's all piffle now.
  11. Perhaps I'd best retire with my N4 and dream a little dreamlet - except the last dream I remember - and this happened a few days ago - was one where I saw some bare feet under my closed bedroom door, then I jumped into a corner and cowered - and good thing too - because the next thing I knew, there was a gunshot and the door was blown away by whoever was standing there. So much smoke, and I woke up with a start. So no, I don't want dreams like that.
  12. Signs of affection - that's what it was that DH was warbling away about. Unaccustomed signs of affection. Funny how it is that I would never have thought that DH could have written those lyrics. Signs of affection - not usual for him I would have thought. But hey, we all have bad days no?
  13. Probably best if I stick to Mozart for the time being. But DWE, sweetie-dahlink, what will it be? Cosi for sunny feelings and skies? The great symphony in G minor for troubled feelings of foreboding, or Tito for grand feelings of vengeance and then reluctant forgiveness. What is life after all but a long series of forgiveness?
  14. I always push away - I fight the falling, push against the pull of it all. Can I trust your arms? all very well to say this, but then good old Jimmy says, safe in these arms. Sheesh. So contradictory.
  15. What would Mary Lou Retton say? I don't want to go there.
  16. I should really have been using this time to do some editing and cutting back to give us all more space. Cutting - oh yes, the cuttings have grown and I must transplant them soon so that they will be all purple and fragrant in the summer. Why is it that fresh lavender smells so wonderful, but once you've dried it out in pot-pourri, it smells like Victorian Old Lady? 
  17. And I must get hold of VOIL soon and make the heavens pour pennies on me. 
  18. And soon, on Friday in fact, I'll be done, take a breather and start on number 3, and try to avoid WWII again with more numbers. 
  19. Oh feck. Who am I kidding? 21/7 = 3. Not very good.
  20. But there's the mutual embrace that feels so natural and proper somehow. I don't get it. I just don't. Maybe Dr. J is right, and I should practice drinking heavily - goodness knows he could give master classes in it even if he isn't Maria Callas.
  21. Callousness, Careless, Carefree, Careworn, Caring, Care. Care not. Care less.
  22. I must get home and walk with my parents

You see? This is what happens when you have to write grants under less than ideal circumstances.