Spidey overeats

The Lions peek out shyly from the interminable weather systems.
First of all, before it's too late, although it's already too late in some places, a very Happy, Healthy, and generally Wonderful New Year to you all.

It is that time again when the year comes to an end, and the following year starts - well, what else do you expect? The years do follow one after another despite the Western (and erroneous) interpretations of the Mayan calendar.

So yes, Happy New Year.

Like tree branches, some themes are malleable
Right, that's out of the way, and no, there are no resolutions again this year. Nary a one. Instead, I shall adopt BK and KB's plan and claim it as my own. Instead of having resolutions which are so, shall we say, black and white and un-gettable-away-from, I shall have a theme for the year - so much more ambiguous and malleable to changes of mind, and more easily adaptable to what one really wants to do. Resolutions - so easily forgotten, lost, tucked away in the drawer, and more annoyingly, held up to one's face by friends who mock you for being weak-willed when you fail to live up to your resolutions. So, themes instead. Ingenious eh? You've already forgotten that it was BKKB's idea haven't you? Well good, for I've adopted it as an original thought of mine. Ha.

Oof! Will not be in my vocabulary this year
My theme for the year then is: "Pain-free", or if you preferPainless". Doesn't really matter which really. This year, I shall try to alleviate chronic physical body pain, which seems to have been accumulating of late. I shall also attempt to avoid having any mental pain inflicted upon me by me, myself, I, or in fact by anyone else out there. Yes, I shall assume a zen-like pose that will repel all attempts to cause me emotional distress, and if really pressed will even stick my tongue out at putative dispensers of emotional distress (PDED). So there. And to get that zen-like pose (ZLP) down pat, I have started committing the soundtrack to Mary Poppins to heart. If that doesn't cloak me in an impenetrable cloak of ZLP and benign disdain for PDEDs, then nothing will. Likewise, I shall also attempt to not cause pain to others - whether physical, mental, or emotional - except under the following  two conditions:

Going on holiday with Mary and Bert - PDED - Free.
  1. Self defence - when it behoves me to attack as the best defence should some PDED try to cause me pain of any sort.
  2. Kindness - when sometimes (in fact many times in my experience) it is necessary for one to be cruel to be kind. In this instance, the ends (ultimately good for the object of my cruel act) justify the means (my act of cruelty which is really meant to be kind). Rest assured, that the doing of the act will hurt me more than the object of the action. So very selfless of me to suffer pain, but there it is.

And thus is my theme for the year stated.

Better than the telly!
This past week was an exhausting whirl of events, late nights, eating, socializing and shopping - you try going to IKEA on boxing day and see how much energy that takes out of you - Little M and her entourage were up here to visit, and to render opinions on the shoebox what has vistas. In general, the shoebox met expectations, but of course there were (there always are) improvements that were demanded suggested. In the event, furniture was moved around, drawers were inspected, and their contents found wanting. A list was made, as in a list of things to get, that were deemed necessary. I was told that I paid too much attention to the frivolous (my Hue lights frivolous?!), and not enough to the basics like having a good, well-balanced, sharp knife and light, stainless steel pots and pans. I was also told that my seating arrangements were woefully inadequate, and that while the side-loading washing machine might suffice for little M, it certainly wouldn't be enough for when Granny visits. 

Apparently Spidey ate just as much as we did
We also ate. A lot. Steamed and sweet-sour crab with roast pork, soy chicken and roast duck for Christmas, followed by pineapple tarts and chocolate bits and bobs. In fact, the past month seemed to be dominated by eating. There were several laksa dinners wherein some were late, and others too early, then there was another gathering where steaks were tossed onto the grill with prawn salad, and yet another one where fish was steamed with ginger. A dinner at Tojo's was also thrown into the mix - my 15th time there, and my 11th time not having to pay. The last dinner gathering at the shoebox in 2012 consisted of sushi from QQ and fish congee followed by Nigella's Guinness Cake. BKKB, KS and JG met Little M and she was suitably animated so as to garner more video game minutes. Lo, so many meals, so much food, I still feel bloated from all the eating. 

Life is good when you have a shoebox with vistas, entourages to visit and criticize, friends to feed, and food in plentiful amounts when you consider the little that so many people in this world have. 

Life is very good, and it behoves me to remember this simple little fact as I trundle through the start of the year. Why, I think it's time for my annual recitation of good problems to have, but not tonight. Soon, however.