Plain speaking

Good Heavens.

I've not been cryptic enough. I was approached by Drs. C and J recently, and they both asked about parties - first, second and third ones. Worse, they knew - not the details mind you, but the general outlines. Why, Dr. C even made some snide comments about turbulence whereas Dr. J asked some well-meaning (or so he contends) questions about intrigue.

Take for example this conversation that transpired:

Dr. J asked, Whose party didn't you go to?! Do Tell, William!

I said, My name is neither William nor Bill, nor was there a third party as in The Third Way, but instead that a third party wasn't at the first party.

He said, A third party, how intriguing!

I said, No, no, no third party so alas no intrigue.

You see how I was rumbled? I give away too much. This comes from trusting people.

Dr. C was more direct.

He said,  I'm so sorry (while weeping crocodile tears) that the change in location caused such turbulence in your dry little life. The circumstances for even contemplating a defection from the first party must have been quite dire. Especially since the first was as nothing to the second, and the third doesn't even come to the first, much less the second. In other words, the second is first, and a distant, as it should be, second from the third, and we won't even mention the fourth except that it's grey, not green and portents good luck. In other words, the scarf is yours, but it wasn't given to you by the other Dr. C who attended the second, and wouldn't have approached either the first or third at all. And (he finally concluded), in the end (dog tail, as it were - waving vigorously one hopes), which car are you getting, the Fiat, the EOS or would you prefer mine, and no I'm not taking the vacuum cleaner in exchange for it.

You see what I mean? Clear as the day is sunny.