First World Problems...

The safety committee examines fallen ice bombs...'s a little bit chilly these days. Damn Arctic fronts. It's been cold enough, but sunny too, that there's been condensations and freezing on the overhang of the shoebox vista viewing platform (i.e. the balcony). Little icicles like baby crocodile teeth formed, then one by one they plunged to the ground (tinkle, tinkle, tinkle). Not perhaps dangerous to you and me unless of course you were looking up, and one fell, pointy-end first, into your uncovered eye, or perhaps down your nostril and into your brain. However, they're dangerous to the bugdroids, so the brood immediately formed a safety committee and rushed out to assess the situation. They'll report back to the brood and, knowing them, petition the strata council to put heating elements on the roof. Hmmmm....while they're at it, maybe the can add a few to the tiles in the WC of the shoebox.

I've also been a little bit distracted, and unable to make decisions of any sort. In part this is because my feet are cold, and when my feet are cold, I lose focus. Take away my visual aids, and I'm completely lost.

So tonight, I decided to make a bunch of lists. At first, I labelled the items on the list 'problems', then when I'd written them down, I sat back, and realised that they weren't really problems, and if it was a problem, it was one born of choice.

Like pernicious dandelion seeds, I have a plethora of choice
A plethora of choice, actually. In general terms, there are many options that I have the luxury and privilege of following, or not, at work. So instead of working in a sweatshop or being paid a pittance to do manual labour, I can choose what to do at work. Also, I'm accountable mostly to myself, and my own standards. In my line of work, our achievements speak for themselves. So that's work sorted out - I'm glad, and pleased that I have so many different things that I can do - and that most are going pretty well. Not to mention, I get to play with million dollar machines on a daily basis if I choose - well, as long as they're up and running - and mostly, they are. In short, work is, even if precarious when it comes to funding, manageable, and there are ways and means of managing what's happening.

A sunny vista as seen from the shoebox.
Then when it comes to the shoebox with vistas, I was complaining - I dared to complain(!) - about things that needed (needed!) to be done and or got. Things like getting a lamp for the living area, a rug for the washroom, or new speakers. I looked at the list and was embarrassed for being so greedy, grasping and consumerist. So I made some adjustments and have decided that where I can, I will get something old, or used and if possible rejuvenate it for my own use. This way, it'll be unique, be cheaper, and save something destined for the dump. For example, I have an eye on a desk that simply needs to be painted, or sanded down and stained. Instead of buying a lamp that hundreds, if not thousands, already have and think unique, from some franchised shop, I shall design my own with the bare essentials needed for a lamp (wire, bulb-holders, decorative thingies) that can be obtained from Home Depot. Yes. This is what I shall do.

My solution to a whole lifestyle
In fact I've already started. I hungered, oh how I hungered, for a Dyson heating fan - the 'whole lifestyle solution - wherein you heat in the winter, and cool in the summer, all with a stylish, bladeless and buffet-free stream of air'. The trouble with baseboard heaters I find is that heat rises and if the air is still, it doesn't mix well and so your ceiling warms up, and when you have ceilings that are  9 feet high, you don't warm up, down below. So of course, the obvious solution was a Dyson heating fan no? Well. Only one person supported me - Thank you ML - you understand, everyone else shouted me down. Fine. I shall stop complaining about not having this fan because really, it's only a fan (even with ceramic, enclosed, heaters). I have come up with an alternative - See picture. A home made "whole lifestyle solution", a fan attached to a wooden frame, placed next to the heater distributes the heat fast and fairly evenly. Toasty warm at the bottom levels too. And much, much, much, less than the Dyson solution would have cost. Yes, I made it.

Of course. I don't promise to not revisit this hunger for things. After all, I am a hungry ghost and must live up to the Buddhist meaning/concept of my name from time to time.