Drowning in sleep

No caption needed.
Today, I'm off to a slow start.

I'm almost at work, but the misery of the day (grey, rainy, cool with no end in sight) forced me into Mr. Bean's coffee store where I'm now ensconced by the window with my 4th cup of coffee. I fully intend to catch up on my e-mails today.

The abstract went in yesterday and even though it seems like the end, it's only actually the beginning but I can't summon up the energy nor necessary life-drama force to deal with what is to come. there was one little wrinkle with the submission when the system told me that I had used "non-standard characters" in the field box, non standard for the ISO-8859-1 set that is. What would have done? Exactly. Swear a blue streak, and sent a message to the system managers asking what was wrong. They replied today, saying that,  'it's probably the use of commas and apostrophes that's causing the problem - send me the text, and I'll strip it of them'.

Not commas, but stamens and pistils
Now, what is wrong with this solution? I see two terribly wrong-headed assumptions.

I know that the use of punctuation is eschewed these days because of laziness and ignorance the language is evolving, but has it really come to this - that vital parts, the very bones and structural foundations of the language has become 'non-standard'?

The second thing is - I put those commas and apostrophes in for a reason. I don't want someone who has probably eschewed the use of punctuation taking them out for me, and probably changing the meaning of my text. Especially when I've taken the time and trouble to condense 11 pages worth of ideas, details and description into 2000 characters - the limit on characters, by the way, is set by the very system that eschews punctuation.

A quick dissertation into the eating habits of Pandas should be enough to convince you (thank you Lynn Truss). On the subject of bamboo and Pandas:

Eats, shoots and leaves vs. Eats shoots and leaves.

Mind you, I guess I could have saved myself a few more characters if I'd not punctuated.

The gears sans Queers
Last night, a few of the Queers with Gears came over for chook and duck. Chook is not used here as the English do for chicken (yarrrgh, I was art yoghurt ooooh aahhhh); it is rice gruel - but rich and luxurious in the extreme being made with barbeque duck oil and chicken stock spiced with ginger. There was some catching up to be done, and we caught up. There was planning to be done, and we planted seeds.

Did you know for example that driving from Las Vegas to Bryce National Park is only 4 hours, from Salt Lake City, it's 4.5 hours and from Vancouver, it's 18 hours. Sorry, RP - I don't think this trip should be used to boil off the water and crud from the engine oil. Anyway, the seed has been planted and i will have to do some watering in the next few weeks. The other shoots that have to be nurtured - Goodness, I'm so nurturing - are vines that may pop up shoots and leaves (rather than pop up, shoots and leaves) in Sienna and/or Kuching. Yes? Yes? So that's set. Now to make it happen.

The wonder of being child-like
Interesting thing about the Queers with Gears - 3 of us admitted that we were born old, and the 4th said he was born a child and would always be one. I think actually that one (that'd be me) has left my old-age behind and I'm luxuriating in the joys of being child-like - not childish - okay, maybe sometimes, but mostly child-like, another is set on not letting his child out, and the last is almost ready to let his child go, but is still enjoying the old-age gig. The fourth - well that's the rub - he'll probably be the old-aged codger when the rest of us are children, and will have to be responsible for us. Fair play I say.

June, September and October. Now if only one of the 3 Cs would come through. Ah well, one can but try and hope but when the answer is known, not regret. Life is exactly that - trying and having few regrets, because really, regrets are a waste of time and energy.

And with that, I'm plunged into a river - not a literal one, but a metaphorical one where one drowns, if one drowns rather than do clever back-flips in synchronized fashion, in longing (note clever use of commas). So no more regrets cause it leads to drowning, and drowning is not very comfortable.

I must also remember these when it comes to those pesky Nexus 4 phones.

Boeing, real ones.
Recently, I was invited to a show, two shows actually - I was given the choice of accompanying an eminent critic who makes aspiring and established theatre folk cringe and turn their faces to the wall when he walks by (not literally, but metaphorically) to show their respect - and my instructions were i not to choose one or the other was to do a short compare and contrast as punishment. The shows in question were: Boeing, Boeing, or I, Malvolio.

My off the cuff dissertation:

Boeing, Boeing, - Flighty French Farce with Innuendo (with a capital i) and unlikely, almost  but not quite sexual situations ending happily. An infinitely relevant comment on the inability of modern man to accept that fate and life is random, and his yearning for more meaning in life. 

I, Malvolio - Upended, rethought English classic that has been twisted to take advantage of modern society's penchant for ascribing one's own bad judgement to 'falling in love with the wrong person'. A throw-back to the sentiment of "You're perfect, I love you, now change!"

Eh? Eh? Eh? Ha. And how would they read without punctuation I ask. Strip the text of commas and apostrophes indeed. Hrumph.