Decisions, decisions, decisions. These are les mots du jour.

And the consequences can be profound if one is not careful - that is to say, one can make anything as profound, or as minor as one wishes.

Here are some decisions that plague me at the moment. I put this down for the record, and my own edification rather than for anybody's entertainment. Really, I can't be responsible for entertaining all the time, and that is a loaded statement if ever there was one {disdainful sniff}.

Mercury or pink lighting - which makes one look younger?
1) CFL or LED lightbulbs? One pollutes the environment with mercury for which the Vancouver dumps are ill-prepared, the other will deplete my already penurious accounts and plunge me into the most abject of penury. So there you go - deposit mercury willy-nilly and come across silver pools late in life, or not pay Dr. J back and then have no N4 in my greedy, grasping hands? If I had LED bulbs, then I could leave lights on longer than I do now, drive down my utility bills and avoid stepping into silver pools at an advanced age. What to do, what to do, what to do?

I think a compromise is in order - I will purchase one LED light a month and slowly replace the bulbs in the little shoebox so that not only will it have vistas, but it will also bask in a halo of virtue (cool LED lighting) as well.

A snazzy EOS to prevent unauthorized use of parking spots.
2) Do I purchase an VW EOS or not - Not that I can afford it, but I could probably lease one. It would actually be quite economical in a sense. The EOS is a convertible and so of course there would be no use driving it in the winter and so really, I would only use it in the summer and therefore save myself all manner of bills - gas, insurance, parking in town etc etc).  Then in the summer, I can be free and frolic in the sun with the roof top down, and all and sundry - especially sundry - would envy me as I drive by frolicking in the sun.

The main reason for buying one, however, would be to use my parking spot - yes the little shoebox with vistas comes with a parking spot. Actually, it didn't come with one, I had to purchase it. So I did, and it sorely bothers me when it's left unused unless some nasty interloper comes in and uses it. BUT if I have an EOS and I leave it in the parking spot, then the nasty interloper would be stymied with rage that 1) his/her parking is no longer available, and 2) envy that he/she doesn't have a stylish EOS, but a butt-ugly Ford pickup with a canopy top. Truly, it is ugly.

Shadowy regrets haunt me
3) This weekend, I had to choose between staying at one birthday party, or another. I chose the other and have faint regrets now - the question is why, and I know exactly why, but I'm not sharing that information because it will blow up in my face, and if the likes of DWE or DWA get to know of it, then the blowing up in my face will not only be sped up but augmented with barbed comments and mordant (that means 'biting') jeers to tear at my emotional and already bloody flesh. Yes, who says I can't whip up drama with the best of them? In any case, I chose to do one thing and I followed through with it and although there's a slight sense of regret, it was the right thing. I acted honourably. Damn honour. Bah.

It could all be for the best, however, this is one decision that's informed by impulse and long thwarted delusions, and not by solid data and reasoning - in so much as reasoning is reasonable in my little hungry world. As I was told, "you're not ready for it, but you'll know when you are".

Hrumph. very unsatisfying, but at least the regrets are faint, but not for the faint of heart.