A spoonful of sugar

Fading to grey as the veil of mist and rain falls.
It's a nasty wet and grey day (again). And even the shoebox with vistas feels damp - the result of excellent, airtight weather proofing - so good that the damp doesn't get out unless I turn the fan what exhausts air out. The only trouble is, doing this only draws more damp air, albeit fresher air, in. I reach what is known as an equilibrium. Lovely knowing the meaning of such big words.

Speaking of big words, I had a verbal exchange with Dr. J recently online about the state of the grey, rainy and clammy weather. He said that because it was rainy down here, and less than 6C, that meant it was snowing up  in dem der mountains. My rejoinder was short and to the point: Low cloud, no visibility, ski into a tree. He snapped back that this wouldn't happen were one to cross-country ski, and not do silly downhill stuff. I replied (and this is where I managed to use a big word): Snow laden trees felled by their own weight. Loppett around that! He was silent for 24 hours then changed the subject.

Nigella's Guinness Cake draws the lushes out...
I continue with my strategy of singing songs from Mary Poppins (step, step, twirl, twirl, brandish umbrella with parrot head, brandish umbrella with parrot head), and it's working a treat. In fact the cool weather is making my core temperatures drop to the point where I have cold feet which means that my body is feverishly burning calories to keep me warm, but has run out of calories. This means that it's a medical emergency and that I must have quantities of high-caloric-substances to provide fuel for my burning body so it can warm up my toes. And of course, what could be more stuffed with calories than sugar - alcohol probably but then again, I'll leave alcohol to the lushes experts - you know who you are. So extra sugar was added to my pickled cucumbers and I had an extra slice of NGC, and some Panettone to boot. All tasted delicious thereby proving that everything tastes better with a spoonful of sugar, and that in a circular way, the Mary Poppin ploy is working. As it should.

Ignacio Huang as Jun reacts to his first meeting with blood sausage.
I forget what the point of this post is now. This comes from not getting enough sleep, and not enough sleep was had because I went to work early, I had multiple meetings where I had to come up with brilliant ideas (most of which shall be ignored - probably a good thing too), then I went for a run in the cool weather after which I had a deep fried roll (a variant of the california roll except deep fried, then topped with scoops of spicy tuna) and a crispy chicken roll which may as well have been deep fried too. Delicious though. Then to the VC Cinema where one was joined by various doctors and their consort and consort-friends for a viewing of "Chinese Take-Away", an Argentinian movie which starts with a cow falling from the sky onto a boat containing two lovers. A gentle film based on a true incident (a cow falling from the sky because it became violent in a plane, and was subsequently pushed out). In other words, I was sleepy today because "Up before seven, dead before eleven".

My trusty Absolute rests under the shade of a Douglas fir
Tonight I'm suffering from lack of sleep because during the day, I didn't do what I was supposed to do - which was to be come up with brilliant ideas etc etc - and instead had pho with SE and chatted about happenings from over 20 years ago. Then home, then took my bike into another greedy, grasping bike shop - this has made me determined to take a course in bike maintenance so as to avoid their greedy grasping hands on the till - to do repairs on the bike. Reckless Bikes did such a shitty job on their last repairs, and charged me more than the normal market rate that I'm so very pissed off with them. I want nothing to do with them, and so went to another one who hopefully will do a better job. However, the cost was nothing compared to even a minor car repair so there it is. Another first world problem so I shall shut it. But not for anything am I ever going to go into Reckless Bikes again. Ever, Ever, Ever. Never.

The solution is to soak your noggin but not in eggnog.
Of late, things have been slipping from my mind and my hands - the first is a metaphorical event, the second a physical event. However, I think I've found a solution to the problem. You see, clever scientists have established that the skin on our fingers pucker up when wet (you know, prune fingers when you sit too long in the tub, not that this is a problem in the shoebox where the boiler is extra small to fit into the box, so there isn't enough hot water for soaking - ask GA, he boils water on his stove to augment what he can squeeze out of his boiler) to improve our grip on things when wet and slippy. Do you see where things are going? So yes, when I'm going to soak my hands in water or suck on them now when I plan to handle slippy things, and if this works, then I will work on finding a metaphorical way of soaking my head so that it puckers and retains things better - maybe I'll just soak my head in water anyway - it couldn't get any worse what with the burgeoning furrows in my forehead (but thank goodness no furrows between the eyes like some I know who should really take up botox to relief those lines). So there you go - wet hands, wet head - hmmmmm....I think that means really, that I should be in Hawaii soaking in the warm tropical azure waters. Any takers?

Right then, remember - avoid Reckless Bikes recklessly.