How many dimensions are there?

 Parts of Oakland, can be very chi-chi
What a week it's been.

A quick summary of events. I was in Oakland visiting last week and it was quite pleasant if a bit rainy and wet. The little one was all beans, there were wee mousies in the house, and much nibbling taking place. We tried trapping, but to no avail. I did manage to see TE which as always was much fun. There were several dinners ate, there was much too much sugar ingested, and then I was on my way back via Seattle, then to Bellingham where I caught the shuttle back to Vancouver - delayed of course. 

The very next day, patients were seen, sorted, and dispatched. Yes, RP. D-i-s-p-a-t-c-h-e-d (Did I spell this correctly?) Sometimes, one needs to be cruel to be kind. Yes, it was that sort of day. Then Thursday night, the axe fell, and I slept for 12 hours and was late for my meeting with MW. Once late, may as well be late for everything else - in fact I just cancelled everything and went to look after my body and spirit. 

The sun warms the Lions as seen from the shoebox
Later that afternoon, a quick chamomile tea with Dr. C, which he spilt on me at the train station, where he was catching a train to Seattle. I dropped him off because I wanted to use his car which he very kindly loaned me. Then home on a drizzly evening. The next morning, the sun was out. Goodness, it was remarkable how different the city looks when the sun comes out. And even better, how much brighter and warmer my little shoebox becomes.  Why I even had to take my little fan out - yes ML I know it's ugly and I should really get a Dyson and replace it, and also so that my Dyson Vacuum will have company - it's working really lovely by the way. You'll love it once you see it. DWE - go away, no moaning and complaining that I'm trying to influence ML's choice of vacuums. 

What lovely hues of red and orange!
Saturday was spent in IKEA with RP where we wandered around and I purchased stuff. Lovely bright fabrics to offset the monochromatic whites, creams and greys of the shoebox. I had to get some colour in - it's too grey in the winter. 

The rest of the day was spent running, stretching, cleaning, cooking, cleaning after cooking, and unpacking all the goodies that I'd purchased from Ikea. I spent with impunity because the blood sucking vampires (after a phone call) finally sent the cheque for my deposit from my previous rental. Imagine - after 10 years there, I'd made exactly $15.50 in interest from my deposit, and a spare mailbox key - more on that some other time.

Do you fancy your burger rare, medium or well done?
In the evening, a fruitless search through Homo Depot, Canadian Tire and Save-On Foods for living trees. I refused to go to the 'holier-than-thou' Whole Paycheque place to see. I need a living tree because little M is coming in December, and she demands a tree. Apparently little tourist and barbequing androids are not enough - I asked what she'd like for a present, and she demanded "Android!", so I went to Andrew Bell's Dead Zebra store and ordered this pair up for her. The 2011 edition has already doubled in price. In fact, talking about rare androids, the Google Analytica Android figure, very rare, is now worth $500.00. Much better returns than interest on apartment deposits, I must say. 

Barista checks out the integrity of the mango wood table.
Sunday came very quickly and I was busy making dinner for the two Dr. Cs, RB and RP. Beef stew (nice hearty Irish stew for a miserably cool and rainy day), there were also roasted brussel sprouts, little cheesy crackers and nice bread from two matchsticks. During the dinner Dr. C christened my new table and chairs with an Italian red, by spilling his glass (like the tea previously) over me and the table, and floor. Panic from all the guests, me, I was laconic because I new the wonders of laminate floors, and simply threw a towel over the red puddle. As for the turquoise chairs, well, good leather repels wine, and I'm not the sort to have an apartment in white and then request that your friends not bring red wine like some. After all, when your guests are the two Dr. Cs, it's almost certainly a stress test of sorts, and I know that they exchanged notes after the evening was over. It's all a thought experiment, and if RP didn't know this before the dinner, he does now...tee hee hee. And you thought I was joking about this didn't you Dr. C and Dr. C? Hmmmm? There were bottles of wine (one was left behind even so now I have three bottles in the house - most unusual for me) and partially filled bottle of Maple Syrup Whiskey. It was lovely. 

No, this isn't the dimension, it's the condition set
Then the pièce de résistance. The Dr Cs, RB and GB (who wasn't there) gave me a present. When I opened, it my mouth dropped but then I realised it solved some pressing problems, and will go a long way to placate (and also make envious) ML, while DWE will froth at the mouth because doubtless ML will want the same, and DWE will do a parody of Mark Carney and demand fiscal restraint. In fact, Dr. C told me that I was V1.0, which I interpreted to mean that RB wanted a set for himself, but was told not to be frivolous by Dr. C, so he sublimated his desires by talking the two Dr. Cs into getting this for me as a present. Then while I thought I was being a good host, by giving them desserts and tea, he wailed at me, "Aren't you going to open your present?!!!" and the anguish in his voice quite took me aback so I did, and my mouth dropped open because I had seen this earlier in the year, and thought - what a lovely thing it would be to have in life, that it would add new dimensions to my apartment and life, and also placate a dictate that ML had pressed upon after identifying the counter material (while taking his shoes off) when he came into my shoebox for the first time. So we set it up and RP helped by bridging the connections without demanding any conditions unlike PJ who put conditions on his bridge - but fortunately 1/3 of that bridge has been burnt so soon, I'll be able to eschew PJ's conditions. 

How many grains of sand in a desert?
Then we sat and gazed with wonder at the new dimensions my apartment and life was endowed with.
And let me give you an idea of just how large a dimension this is. You know the mathematical function "!"

As in  1! = 1; 2! = 1x2; 3! = 6; 4! = 24...?

Well. Imagine (16,000,000!)^3. That's the magnitude of the dimension. That's how big it is. Unless I've miscalculated - and I could very well have as I'm not very good at math when it comes to big numbers - you try counting out change in Indonesia where things are priced in the tens of thousands of Rupiah - but I digress.