Two to Infinity

Infinity comes in many forms
And number two goes forth into infinity, following number four who went ahead last year. It all sounds so grand doesn't it? But to me, infinity seems like it would be a very cold place.

I hope that this isn't the case, and that there is warmth, no pain and good memories. Infinitely good memories, or infinite memories that are good, much like gazing into a blue sky.

Cherry blossoms in the Spring don't last long, and so you'd best enjoy them while you can. Life is ephemeral and like the cherry blossom is prone to falling with the first rain drop or chill wind.

240 years of companionship

Eighty years of companionship - it's incomprehensible to me. But for eight decades, they gathered and shared their problems, their jokes, and their everyday concerns, looked after each other, shared each other's pain and helped out where they could without expectation of a return. What happened was expected, but it doesn't make it any better or easier to think about. I'll always see them in number one's house talking, laughing and sharing the silence that comes with easy companionship.

So here I am, with my own thoughts on this chilly night with the periuk doing exactly what it sounds like, and I can't reconcile what I know with what I feel any more than I can imagine what it must be like for number one and number three to not have number two around any more.

Gee Ee (1928 - 2012)