The Joneses

Live big!, V said, Like there's no tomorrow, you only get one chance!, she said.

So I did, and DWE is going to pissed with me, but that's okay, because ML will be happy with me. It's Yin and Yang you see.

The beginning of a dream

All this goes back to the day many months ago when I was working in Lunentown (the real one, not the one in ONT), and I saw my first Dyson washing machine. Glorious, it was simply glorious. Lovely, bright colours and such clever design with a basket that transferred from the washing machine to the dryer so you didn't have to unload and then load.

From that moment on, I always wanted one. That day hasn't come yet mostly because they're so expensive, nor do they seem to be sold in the region of the world I live in. Anyway, about 5 years ago, I promised myself that were I ever to own my own little shoebox, I would get a Dyson vacuum cleaner. Then I did own (well not quite all of it, but a substantial portion of it) my own little shoebox (it's even got vistas), but the owning of it was so traumatic that I had to tighten my belt and eat cheap, white-flour foods sold at places with lots of bright yellow paint (or green) where are no frills.

Goodness it's sad, but this is what happens when you're subject to abject penury - and yes, this will be a theme in this blog for at least another 25 years, so get used to it - and life becomes grey and grim, and you subsist on boiled parsnips.

A dream come true
Then V told me to Live. Big. Like there's no tomorrow etc, and then RD increased my overdraft with a flourish, and I snapped, and last night, I reached for my Nexus 7 and used it to research, make a list of pros and cons (the pros won handily because I didn't bother too much with the cons), and then buy a Dyson Vacuum - a cordless one in fact that will be perfect for keeping the dust and dirt at bay in my little shoebox - with grand vistas come big windows and with big windows come dust, you see. I had all good intentions of not saying anything about this little purchase because when you're in abject penury, you don't go round buying Dyson appliances. But I had to tell someone so I sent a secret text message to ML because I knew he would understand, and this is what I said:

A monster created...
Shhhhhhh...a secret because DWE will not approve, but I have to tell someone! I bought my first Dyson product! It's so exciting!!

And a few minutes later, the reply from ML came:

That's so exciting!!!.. Can I tell David? Can I can I?!! :)).. Maybe if he knows you got one he will buy one for me!!

SO I told ML to go ahead for who am I to not share the joy and the pleasure of Dyson ownership? And I suggested that he tell DWE that the Joneses must be kept up with - for DWE can be competitive sometimes. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that ML will also get one, because then I'll up the ante and get the Dyson Hot Tower! Oh...So exciting indeed!

The next day, I told V what I'd done, that I'd indeed followed her advice and Lived! Big! But she looked at me in horror, and said, I've created a monster!

I shall review the DC35 when it arrives (hopefully in 10 days time). In the meantime, I must bake and spill flour around the shoebox to justify the arrival of  DC35.