Ding, tinkle, tinkle

Cheerful blue counter-tops that resist everything including bleach,
and long-chained coconut oil based detergents
Continuing on from where I left off last - you remember, move, pwore, in abject penury (good word eh? eh?), unpacking, cleaning, entertaining hordes, learning from distinguished interior design engineer-architects how to clean modern surfaces (oh for good old-fashioned hard plastic tops which are bleach-resistant) and moving furniture around - on Sunday after cleaning up the old and getting it ready for R (more on this in a moment), I headed  back to the shoebox, courtesy of Golfie and the SOCK.

The SOCK snooped around the rest of the building and was almost ensared by K and T who pounced and offered to send him newsletters, shower him with offers of cheap mortgages, and value-added homes. He resisted. He stood firm and said, "I'm just taking such teeny-leetle-baby-baby steps into this whole buying housing frenzy, that it'd be quite useless sending me information". So convincing was he that the two vultures dropped him like a DDT-infested piece of carcass.

The first bottle of wine (Thorncreek Rose)
quaffed, in crappy wine glasses, washed
down with Port.
Once the SOCK left, BKKB showed up insisting on a grand tour. Then Dr. C arrived, and then DWA, CA, ML and DWE followed soon after, huffing and puffing with gifts, wine and promises of the lightest, crispiest, most delicious pizza you'd ever find East of Granville. The wine flowed, the conversation became more piquant, an example: "pH5 - the name of your unit, and the state of your soul - slightly acidic. How perfect!". I ignored this remark because ML did an extensive survey of the apartment, and pointed out the good and the good, "Your under cupboard lights - so flush with the surface!", "Your mirror! Backlit - So clever, no more worries about seeing wrinkles!", although he did raise an eyebrow when he saw that I'd not installed dimmer switches yet. They will come. They will indeed, but I need a toilet brush first.

Then the pizza arrived, and it was indeed delicious, and glasses were put by the box, and then in a fell swoop, a glass went tinkling over the table, smashed onto  the floor leaving shards of broken glass around and a DENT on the floor. The horror. The horror.

The official christening of the floor
by a wine glass what tumbled
I was quickly comforted by DWA who announced that in the first place, this was a christening of the place, and that now there was a dent, I could relax, and finally, to not worry about the glass as he had purchased wine glasses for me as a house-warming gift to replace the (and I quote), "crappy" glasses that I had.

As he said, "With the bigger glasses, we won't have to keep pouring wine and this will save my elderly, practically arthritic wrists".

What a lovely gift - wine glasses for my guests. So generous of them to provide for themselves...