Obsessive Absessives and Missives

The ring of suffering
Today is already Thursday which means last night was Wednesday and that means a running night for the group. Except the group went for a hill-training run with Dr. CP and her lovely assistant coach, MP, and that meant I ran alone. Pad, pad, pad.

Again at the circle there were no DWEs or DWAs around so I tried to take their place by calling out their name when it came to my turn at the ring. This time, three people noticed - the SOCK, NC and BK, and they all shook their heads at me. Oh I think CP noticed too, but he didn't seem to think too much of it. Mind you, I don't think this group of noticers (peepers?) count for much as they know my name and they know that I'm trying to fly the flag for DWA and DWE. Not that they (the DWs) seem to care very much, the ungrateful bastards.

DWA is disgruntled
After the solitary run I had dinner with DWA and CA at a local establishment. There CA launched into a continuing spiel (which he didn't quite manage to finish the last time we met about a month ago) about how eating sentient beings made him feel so much better, more energetic and how he felt that he was now "back!"

He also spoke about the miracles of modern science and how fortunate it was we had lovely drugs derived from the mucus on frog skins, and not have to suffer the indignity of having suppurating and bloody flesh being hacked off with cheap, blunt and probably rusty butter knives. Unfortunately I had a difficult time understanding what he was saying, even though he offered to illustrate what he was talking about - I quickly declined, because there was a little voice chirping away beside him.

Kauai -  just the companion ticket!
It was DWA (yes DWE, he's started again, and it's your fault for travelling to Italy) and like a downy chick (you really need a haircut dear heart), was cheeping away, and we could make out - softly at first but becoming louder and more insistent with each cheep - Kauai! Kauai! Kauai! Kauai! KAUAI!! was what we heard mostly, amidst the background of, "I need to travel! My soul needs to be nourished! It's my spiritual food!"

No point telling him that he had travelled recently. In the past two years:

  1. You just got back from OK - It was a family trip! That doesn't count!
  2. You were in Naramata recently - That's local! No planes were involved! That doesn't count!
  3. You were New York in June - That was scheduled time with the BJU group! That doesn't count!
  4. You were in FL staying at a resort - That was for the triangle of torrid achievement! It was practically a work trip. Obvious that it doesn't count!
  5. You were in Chicago not that long ago - That was practically domestic, it wasn't out of North America! No. Count.
  6. You were in Mexico for an all inclusive resort holiday - That was a Christmas gift! (from him to him); you can see that doesn't count!

CA's presence on trips being rescinded
So then I sighed as CA shook his head like a dog shaking water out of its ears because we both knew we'd have to give in to these insistent little chirps.

I said, "...but I thought you weren't going to go anywhere without CA ever again!"

And DWA, with a look of disgust at CA, snapped, "Yes! And look where that got me, NOWHERE! kauai! Kauai! Kauai! Kauai! KAUAI!! NOW!"

CA then asked, "Have I been rescinded?", and we ignored him for it was patently obvious he had been made redundant.
The fine purveyor of companion tickets

So then I said, "I suppose I could go and use my companion ticket..." whereupon DWA looked at me in mock surprise and said, "Well DUH! That's my ticket - you used it on the SOCK last time, don't think I've forgiven you for that yet!"

Knowing that I'd have to use this ticket with DWA, I said, fine but only in 2013, and that set off another series of chirps and groans, "2013!! Are you serious?! I can't wait that long!" and he actually stamped his little feet, and waved his little fists feebly in the air.

And we left it at that, except now I'm sure CA is under pressure to come up with extra funds for a Kauai trip. Maybe he'll pay for my trip too just like he paid for my dinner. It was a stroke of genius on my part, I made the hostess sit us in the section where the adorable S was working, and CA and DWA flirting furiously with S (the sluts) completely forgot to split the cheque and paid for me.