More on limbs

Is this a common leg?
So, back to legs limbs again. In Mrs. Christie's day, it limbs (as espoused by the Queen of Spain) were a contentious social object. Women weren't allowed to display any, under certain situations men, just might be allowed to, but that's not so much the point - we all know this. What caught my attention was that following some revue where an actor appeared in tights, the following was said of the actor.

"It's all very well dearie [Mrs. Christie], he's quite distinguished in looks. It's just unfortunate that he has such common legs limbs!"

Goodness, one can have common legs limbs. It brings to mind what used to be said in my college days (yes, this is one overly educated ghost) about men and women: "Nice legs, shame about the face".

How interesting it is that in Mrs. Christie's days, faces were a premium whereas in mine, it's legs or limbs. Now, I wonder what constitutes common legs limbs. I wonder whether mine are, but perhaps it's not so much the limb itself, as it's what the limb is doing. That could be. Oh dear, I'd best dig out my loose long pants and boots so nobody can tell what my limbs are like, or up to.

Today I  went to 4th Avenue for my annual walk-about. Very quickly, I remembered why I only go there once a year. It's the people who shop, eat and wander about in the area - they're generally insufferable and overly concerned about which central American country an avocado comes from, or whether the wool for the sweater is from sheep fed whole grain grass, nurtured on the best rain water. It's a very consumerist, first-worldly crowd with an more-ecologically-minded-than-thou attitude. I had to leave quite and have set this post to pop up on my calendar in a year's time so I remember not to go to 4th Avenue ever again.

Then I came home and made some dinner - a nice sensible dinner for tonight (and Dr. C who's returned from his travels) and the rest of the week. He has the distinction of being my last dinner guest this summer (yes, it's still summer in Vancouver - a long overdue Indian summer). The SOCK and his friend were invited too, but they went to the mountains much later than expected so are probably up there still watching the moon and looking for the first snowflake or something. But then again, I shouldn't make fun of him like that for he did very kindly get me truffle fries last night. Others would have been invited, but  they're either in Italy, Oklahoma, or returning from Italy, or the Gulf islands (don't ask me which - one island like mountains or cathedrals in Europe are much like any other), so they couldn't be here. The other ones who might have been invited were either making babies (really) or already had family dinners to go to.

Tender grilled chicken breasts pre-marinated in the vacuum marinator that DWE and ML so kindly gave me. It works a treat. Such succulent grilled meats - or maybe it was the butter and cream sauce that went on it. Caramelized carrots and Brussels sprouts to accompany the grilled viands. Then baked apples with port to finish.

Even better, I now have sensible, healthy dinners for the rest of the week and can stop eating potato chip sandwiches (it was whole wheat bread), chocolate digestives, jelly beans, ice-cream bars and honey-sesame seed biscuits. Truly that was what I've been eating at home.

And now, it's off to bed.