Mastering Life

What the Master demands, the Master gets.
I was told by my master vulture culture, Dr. C, that I had (no ifs, ands or buts) about it to go see "The Master".

"It's an important cultural event.", I was told. "You are a philistine if you don't go see it, and I shall forsake you forever if you don't."

Well, I couldn't bear the thought of being forsaken by Dr. C for I might never get rides home from town again.  So that's how I found myself in the theatres on Friday night with the other Dr. C, RB and RP. There were no problems getting seats that suited everyone because RP and I were first in line, and we divided and conquered when we entered the theatre, and snagged the best seats in the house. 

Dame Mirren makes me less afraid of growing old
It's been a while since I've seen a commercial film and I quite enjoyed the previews - Goodness, there were many of them, and they were loud, colourful, bright and exciting looking. There are at least two films in addition to Skyfall (any excuse to post another picture of  Mr. Craig) that I plan to see: Cloud Atlas and Hitchcock.  The first looks very interesting and very Matrix like which should be no surprise given who the directors are, and the second is chockful of high cheek bones. The lovely Dame Helen Mirren plays the wife of Hitchcock and in the few scenes they showed, she just burnt up the scenery. Lovely.  But Skyfall will come first - of course it will. 

Does this equal half a pound? Not quite - maybe 1/6 of half a pound.
Speaking of culture, I'm currently in pig heaven because not only does Tim Hortons have good tea (strong and bracing), doughnuts, and not only is this one open 24 hours, but they also have free wireless! How lovely. This way, I can put on the required 0.5 lbs while catching up on the news and e-mail. Yes, CA and SOCK, you see, I've fallen below my ideal weight by half-a-pound which would mean that the wind could blow me hither and thither, so I do have to eat and gain weight now. And what faster way to gain the requisite weight then to have sugar spun into a putative baked good.

Just the ticket - a bracing cup of tea
It was an interesting weekend. There were multiple discussions about The Master and much drinking that surrounded the discussions. I won't go into the interpretations of the relationship between Lancaster and Freddie - some of them were far too convoluted to remember, and others were too simplistic, not to say that the proponents themselves were either. 

I must say though that the nature of all human relationships is seemingly complex - at least if you follow the events, and the subsequent discussion, of The Master, but if you adopt Miss Marple's outlook on life, then things are considerably simpler. I've come to the conclusion (at least tonight) that human actions are driven by simple desires, but that we cloak them in all manner of complex excuses and rationales. In short, if you're puzzled by how someone behaves, look for the basest motive, and you've solved the solution. 

Resistance is futile
And on that note, once a big baby, always a big baby. Roll eye. HB was so right in her assessment. It's a little bit sad and pathetic, but there you are. One can only have so much empathy in life, and one must preserve some for oneself. Dear me, I must go to the Wedgewood Hotel more often. It does make me act more posh than normal.Right. Time to polish off the last of the doughnuts and meander home. The other thing I achieved this weekend - got rid of all my loose change except for the quarters (so useful for laundry you see)...oh wait, I don't need quarters any more. 

Must. Remember. Dr. L's edict about the finiteness of things, and how quickly we come to the last of one or the other. But some things should come to an end.

One last word of advice. Whereas Laurel is close to the hospital, Larch is closer to Tang's Noodle House. Not that I''l be thank (and I wasn't, Miss Marple deduces correctly again) for this.