There is no music loud enough to overcome the noise in my head today.

However, there has been some progress - I've reached the second part of Tito where there's much talk of la clemenza. It'll have an effect eventually, and I'll become a little ray of sunshine tripping about the house bring cheer and joy to all who come across me.

But not right away, as I'm sure DWE will be happy to hear.

The weekend was a quiet one. It was spent mostly cleaning up from my last trip to Oakland, and photographing the new family members who finally arrived. There are now 38 of us living in a one-bedroom apartment, and I can already hear the grumbling about space and using the bathroom.

Nothing I can do about that at the moment. I did have the chance to have coffee with BKKB who were kind enough to meet me at Milano's - essentially, they were slumming it, coming back to the neighbourhood they moved out of. Unfortunately there was no gossip to be had, none that I can publish anyway. There was talk about me becoming BK for a few weeks though. This could be difficult; BK and I are the same height, but there the resemblance ends because he's of Irish descent, while I'm not. I turn brown in the sun, he turns red. Interestingly enough, it's not only the sun which makes him turn red. The  mention of the number '44' does too.

I also went grocery shopping - you see, I told you it was a quiet weekend - and bought chicken and then when I had to cook much sooner than I expected, I made good use of ML and DWE's present to me, a marinating vessel that can be put under vacuum to open up the fibres and pores of the meat so the marinade gets in faster and makes the meat tasty and tender in record time. It worked, it actually did. I was a bit sceptical at first, but it worked. Now, I shall have to figure out how to put my face in so that the skin will also be soft and tender. Of course, breathing could be problematic.

That will be my next project.

I have started icing my shoulder again - with ice that is, not cake icing. It hurts, and I'm sure it's correlated with the noise in my head.

On that note, I must assume good posture when seated, standing, walking (just like the MH attendants) and running.

The noise in my head - oh dear, what a jumble it is. I can't sort the threads out because every time I pick out one thread, another one appears and then both do a little dance and knot themselves together. Just like the dancers did on Friday in Hofesh Schecter's Violet Blue. Goodness they had such agile fingers.

In the short term this noise will continue rising and reach a crescendo in a few weeks then at least one thing will come to an end - it has too - and noise levels will fall, and it'll be muted.

Applications, little projects, boxes to find, wine bottles to consume (threw that one in for DWE and DWA, the drunken sods), important people to placate, wires to walk on, clothing to give away, books and articles to read, rich people to cajole and shoes to take off. Yes, you heard me, shoes to take off.

It's also getting to the point where the machete has to come out and have at the wilderness that is my patio - it's become disgraceful; the slugs and aphids are having nightly parties and I can't do much about it right now.

However, the low-slung jeans have gone, and I've annexed their land for my  own purposes (nefarious natch, but not quite as nefarious as Unity, poor duck).

There was also a party on Saturday where some were drunker than others and said more than they should have, and touched more than they were required to. In fact there was so much touching that there was squealing, and a hasty, "Oh, I must get some water, do excuse me!" as the touchee stood up and walked away from the toucher. I was neither, I hasten to say.

Right then. In an attempt to turn the noise down:

The Mitford Sisters are done with.
Agatha will take their place - much less strenuous.
I shall disconnect properly for a few hours every day.
I shall stretch.
Each task, however tiny, will be handled with panache and aplomb, and most importantly, COMPLETED.
A#2 is being taken care of, we're all pitching in in some way or another.
The KKAs* will be left alone; it's one of those can't control so why let it control you situations.
Must also find some boxes and declutter.
Find a new garbage can so I can declutter my mind as well.
Must also stop  obsessing over the new rumours over the LG Optimus G base for the next Nexus phone. This will be difficult, but I shall do it.

And now, to go for a run of some description for my feet and mind are itching for something mindless to do. Not to mention, there's a new playlist (Gila-Gila) which I want to try out.

Right then, no description this time, just lists. I have no stories. Nuffink. I have nuffink.

Lo, I wish I could be in NYC though where there are many stories.

*Kawan, kawan apa?!