It wanes, it wanes

The Wane! The Wane!

The lovely dry, sunny spell we've had this summer has come to an end. The clouds obscured the sun and the rain came in sheets; their arrival coincided with the arrival of RP, the DWE-MLs and soon enough, GA. Ha. Serves them right for spending so much time in warm and exotic climes. The shock will be intensified for them.

Of course, the SOCK will be happy because this is one of two criteria he needs for a good ski season: precipitation and falling temperatures. The first he has by the bucket, and the second will come soon enough. Why, even he admitted to there being a 'terrible chill' last Wednesday. Mind you he eyed me with a sardonic glance and said the words with a sarcastic sneer to his lip, but never mind that, I shall take what he said (and report) it as the gospel truth at face value.

So yes, there you have it, the SOCK what found my lock and placed it under the clock by a lady in a frock, has been heard saying that the weather here is cold. Try and talk yourself out of that one, SOCK. You can't, can you?

Aubergines and Salads

This past week, I was lucky enough to spend time with BKKB, then with BK (for a movie), then a few days later with KB at the Brixton, or was that the other way around? In any case, KB taught me some cooking techniques. The first was tossing salads, and how to prolong the joys of the toss, and the salad. Apparently if you do it right, the salad won't wilt and remain turgid indefinitely. Then he told us how he stuffs aubergines, and how the stuffing is so efficient, and presumably so delicious - not that I would know for he just sketched out the recipe, but didn't actually make the dish - that it rendered one speechless.

What a clever little cook he is.

It's almost time...
Skyfall is on it's way, and the reviews have been good save for the one from thingy at the Guardian, who everyone knows is biased against Mr. Craig, for thingy really wanted Clive Owen for the part, so now he's doing his best to sabotage the new film starring Mr. Craig as James Bond, Skyfall.

So I'd best spend some time finding and polishing my cuff-links so that I can put on my formal wear and walk around adjusting my cuffs by tugging at them sharply just like Mr. Bond. This action is itself a gentle nod to the time when MH, Dr. K, and CII watched the first Spiderman film, and came out of theatre flexing their wrists at people pretending they were shooting out skeins of web just like Spidey.

The Decluttering continues apace

I've been determined to throw things out recently so have gone on a zonal sort. The kitchen is one zone and anything not made of ceramics, fine china or glass will be recycled. The bedroom is a second zone and anything not made of 100% cotton with multi-hundred thread counts will be burnt. The hallway closet is a third and any cleaning material that isn't fragrance and dye free will be recycled into the noisy neighbour's laundry during the spin cycle when he least expects it. 

The largest pile, however, has become the 'sentimental value' box. Not quite a Box O'Pain like the SOCK's friend has. Apparently this friend has a box where souvenirs mementoes  remnants of dashed hopes are kept to remind one of the harshness of life in general, as if one needed reminding in general. Anyway, there was a day when the SOCK told me that he was on the phone with this box of pain friend (who I long to meet - such a lovely concept to have a box of pain), and he had to cancel a planned visit over the Christmas break - and before he could continue, I said, "...whereupon you heard the sullen creak of the box of pain opening...", and he didn't/couldn't complete his sentence.

I'm sure Oscar Wilde would have approved of me.

But back to my own box of sentimental value. I shall have to go through this box again some day and root all sentimentality out of it. Any remnant of dashed hope is already gone and been replaced with Angostura Bitters from the 1900s.

In Wane! In Wane!

DWE, DG, DWA, DN, and all the other Ds which we're normally plagued with at the Wednesday evening runs have not been showing up recently. Tsk. Tsk. Gone are the days of old (as in the people, not the past) when the Ds showed up and during the recitation of names in the circle when a line of Ds would be shouted out, and people would make inane remarks about what a jolly, happy and sparkly name D was.

So I did something about it. When the circle gets to me, I shout out DWA or DWE's name instead of mine - taking DWE and DWA's name in vain more or less. I'm sorry to say, DWA and DWE, that nobody has noticed. There were no shouts of joy or happiness upon hearing your name. In fact a dull silence descends and a few suspicious looks are shot at one. So I guess you've not been missed very much. Perhaps it's time to come back and show us why you should be missed? Hmmmm?