Today my word du jour is Fucktard

I also reserve the right to modify this noun with adjectives such as stupid, moronic, imbecilic, or descriptive phrases such as should-have-been-bucketed-at-birth.

Now, there are two possible futures here. I could pick up the phone and tell the 3 people on my list of nominees for Fucktard of the Year who are running neck and neck for first place exactly what I think of them, or I could ignore these fucktards and the havoc they create.

What should I do?

Take the Buddhist approach and ignore the little ripples in the river of life even if they threaten to build  up into a huge swell that will wash boats, homes, and riverbanks away.


Rick Grimes in the season premier of The Walking Dead.
Be like Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) in The Walking Dead and go around making the brains of the zombie-like peoples around me go 'splode so they stop bothering me. 

Of course, the latter would make a mess of the carpets which would make life more difficult for the cleaners and I can't do that. It wouldn't be polite nor nice.

That'd be the Buddhist part of me coming out.

However, I'm not that Zen that I can take the Buddhist approach either. So I shall compromise and go for a fresh buttery croissant and hot dark coffee, and then tell the Fucktards to go to hell. But nicely.