Falling from Grace

I fell from Grace today, right into a big cup of brewed coffee. Barista bugdroid to the right help convince me; he's scratch and sniff too - smells of coffee.

But let me back-track slightly here. Back in the beginning of the year (goodness, it does seem a long time ago now doesn't it?), I had financial goals that I wanted to meet.

Sounds good huh? Financial Goals; LK at CCS approved of these goals, although he had some doubts about my ability to meet them.

To meet these goals, however, I had to make many sacrifices, one of which was drinking freshly brewed coffee - whose costs add up weekly, then monthly, then yearly - particularly when you have cake, bread, assorted baked goods with the coffee, then you start having this once or twice a day. So, I went back to my early coffee drinking days and bought a bottle of instant coffee for $5.00 (which quite frankly would only have bought me 2.5 cups of coffee at the local store) and had cup after cup after cup for pennies.

There are some purists who'd be shocked at this - I name no names, but you know who you are, you who use burr grinders rather than blades ("Oh, I only use burrs these days, the bitter oils don't ooze out as much when you burr grind"), or those who have gone to Tassimo packs ("The Japanese go ga-ga over these, and you get delicate aromas and tastes that you don't otherwise get") to those who have insanely fussy high standards over how much hot water should be added to the coffee ("Make me one with one shot of espresso, but in the cups that you normally use for a espresso, but add some hot water to it, but not too much - in fact, I'll watch you pour the hot water in and tell you when to stop").

I don't see what the fuss is about, I think of Polly's mother (from Nancy Mitford's novels) who said about coffee, "The trick to making good coffee is to make it strong and hot; it's quite pointless asking the Bolter to bring those special beans back from Kenya you know. Good, strong, black and hot coffee - nobody will know"

I couldn't agree more.

Anyway, my financial goals have almost been reached, so I treated myself to a cup of fresh brew coffee today, and it was okay. None of the headiness that I expected, nor was it the euphoria that might have been expected after several months of abstinence. It was okay.

Good for the financial goals I suppose, but not so good for the little pleasures of life, which now means that I shall have to find other ones, which means, I now have another rationalization for buying stuff that I shouldn't be buying. Do you hear me Dr. J? I can now add, "I don't drink coffee" to "I don't own a car", when I buy either one, or all of the following:

  1. A bamboo bike
  2. A Nest thermostat
  3. The HTC-one X (Nexus edition)
  4. The LG Optimus G (Nexus edition)
  5. The Sony Experia (Nexus edition)
  6. The Motorola RNexus
  7. A Red Japanese Maple 
  8. A Gold Japanese Maple
  9. A fold-away dining table
  10. Shelves for my family of bugdroids.
  11. Egyptian cotton bedsheets
  12. Silicon baking trays
  13. An ultra notebook
  14. Andrew Bell's Series 01 figures

I am procrastinating somewhat today. However, things are a bit quieter than yesterday. I made some decisions, sent out some e-mails and am now waiting for things to get back to me, and then I'll react.

What you cannot control, you let go of and when things happen, you either react, or ignore. More likely the latter.

It became cool today. So much so that I had to move the South Africans in. They were shivering in the outside, but at least one of them is putting out some flowers - the other one is just putting out Prometheus Alien type shoots. They are being pinched back and I will wrap them around each other because this is the way it has to be. I have to be ruthless about stopping green growth so that they form flowers as a survival strategy.

This morning I had a hankering for ketchup; sometimes you do, just just want some with your eggs. I'll have no one look askance at me, especially from Mayo-M who adds mayonnaise to his spaghetti. In any case, I didn't have any ketchup in the house, but fortunately I had ketchup-flavoured chips! It was brilliant. Not only did I get the concentrated taste of ketchup (Heinz no less), I also got my carbohydrate fix from all that lovely fried potato chips.

I was called brilliant today. You see, there was a discussion about how big all these new-fangled building fobs are, and how annoying they are to carry around with you in addition to your keys. I considered this for a second, then reasoned that these days, most building intercom/entry systems are actually wired to your cell phone so you can remotely unlock doors and so forth. So I said why not just buzz yourself then let yourself in with your phone. That way, you don't have to bring your fob with you everywhere you go.

I was rewarded with a "Buzzing yourself in! What a great idea!" by GA.

But of course - I don't have a tertiary degree for nuffink you know.