Quick thoughts

Seemingly random, but nothing is a coincidence.


  1. I decided to revamp my to do list and take off a few things which aren't all that important (you know, things like feed the fish, water the plants, write to people I don't particularly enjoy hearing from, answering the phone, paying T-mobile more money etc.).
  2. I did, however, add one item: "Achieve Perspective".
  3. This could be difficult, and this post is to help achieve that.
  4. However, one mustn't go too far with such things so I also sent a message to #663-53 and also to DP who incidentally has a bad neck (pore thing).
  5. This post/list/SRT will also serve to placate (or try) DWE's whining over the lack of daily posts for his entertainment. 
  6. Entertain yourself on this DWE. I have no sympathy for you since you're in Italy enjoying Mama's cooking anyway. Beotch. 

Other things to do today.

  1. Buy spinach.
  2. Buy also fish. I think fish will be good to have. Maybe a nice halibut for the hell of it (ar, ar, ar).
  3. Today, I must also be innovative. Yes. That's important. 
  4. A message arrived today from the past - yes, spooky eh? - which spoke of the LDF and ELF. I had to rack my brains over who was who. Goodness, they're difficult to keep apart - like two marbles in a box, which is to say, round and fat.
  5. Nuffink.
  6. I feel overly connected today. Must shut down some of the things around me.
  7. I also feel the need for new music, or at least, music I've not heard in a while so I shall wipe my MP3 player clean and load it up with other stuff. Or something like that. 
  8. My wrists hurt - so I shall have to do some of CB's stuff as well. Where, oh where shall I find the time to do all this in? I could stop writing this rubbish I guess. 


  1. Oh where shall I start?
  2. What I do is only a small piece of the whole. Make that a teeny piece, and it behoves me to remember this because quite frankly in the long run, it doesn't matter all that much whether I do or not. However, within this construct I must become more enthusiastic and work my way off from the bottom and head into the next 6 years with the intent of breaking through the next 7 years. 
  3. Housing - I have a roof over my head, and yes, there are changes coming but that's all part of the plan. There's been so much obsessing over this move, so much planning that it's time to go with the plans. And if they go awry, they go awry. 
  4. The related stuff that goes along with the move, well it's all detail. Details which will take care of themselves - put them in the category of "it'll get itself done because there's no other choice"
  5. I will promise myself NOW that I won't spend too much time agonising over what I have to do to get things done - errr if you know what I mean. 
  6. As for KKA (Kawan, Kawan apa?!), exactly that. Do as is done as is done or as was said of Mrs. Lucas and Miss Mapp:  Mrs. Lucas ignored Miss Mapp just as Miss Mapp ignored her, after all what could be fairer? Besides, the thought of what I wanted becomes more and more ridiculous with time - ooh, could that be new found perspective? Or just a self-defense mechanism.

Back to the impending change of roofing over my head:

  1. Declutter
  2. Toss, toss, toss
  3. Separate into categories
  4. Declutter more
  5. Toss, toss, toss
  6. Repeat once more for good measure
  7. Pack
  8. Move

Yes. That's my plan. Buy some black garbage bags and start decluttering.

Buy more dishes - yes, must buy more dishes. Buy linen, must buy more linen ("Nothing weighs more than well-packed linen")

Other consumerist things to think about:

Bamboo! Black?!
The next Nexus - yes!

After all, I don't own a car.