Gratitude and Grace

The day started out like the expression on Escape Ape's face.

The obvious question was whether to salvage the day, or to just go with it and scare little kids, kick puppies and kittens out of the way. What to do, what to do. What indeed.

Fortunately, I remembered what happened on Friday, and with some effort, there was a shift of mood towards good, rather than a precipitous descent into the dark, hot red of Sauron's wrath.

Actually though it was a balancing act - there was good and bad, but it which was which depended on your perspective (that P word again, not patience, another P word). From W's perspective it could possibly be bad, but I hope not. I sincerely, and honestly hope not.

Things are supposed to happen in threes, but I fecking hope not because it would be a little too much to take right now. I'm still trying to come to terms with #1, and am almost there; #2 came out of the blue and if there's a # 3, well then...I don't know what I will do.

Taking the selfish point of view, however, there was much to be grateful for.

  1. DG and I were very efficient about getting our documents and files together and avoiding the red tape demons.
  2. DP and I also managed to cut through more red tape of a different nature.
  3. R and MS were very amenable to changes and there were few deficiencies recorded, which is good.
  4. MF and I also got the show on the road - about freaking time too!
  5. The parking was good.
  6. The screen though temporary looks sleek.
  7. A #2 is comfortable and arrangements have been made.
  8. I watched the Vancouver Premier of Violet Blue by Hofesh Schecter - parts of which were like a Gap commercial but other parts most certainly not.

So with all this good stuff, I should be be happy, but as I say, it's a relative thing because it really depends on whose perspective you're looking from.

A#2 might not agree - although I have to say she's got a pragmatic and positive view on life which helps with the situation. We are all resigned for the worst because all the indications point that way. However, what determines the way it ends is up to us; A#2 is ready and appears to have made peace with what's happening - we are on the way there too.

W - well, we don't know what to think yet. I won't report back though because it's W's story to tell, or not.

So today, I will float through the day in a half-daze, rather than in a raging fury and work my list of things that need to be done if the show that MF and I put into motion on Friday is to continue. After all, I have much to be grateful for, no?