F=Feck; S=Shit; P=Piss.

Why, why, why, WHY is getting stuff done so fecking, pissing, shittingly difficult?!

Look, it's simple. All I want is to know how much FDG is taken up in the absence and presence of two inhibitors.

So why out hundreds of scan does the software suddenly not report the activity in Bq, but instead gives me voxel intensities?


And WHY in the same sets do the dynamic scans report in Bq/mL, but not the four frame reconstruction when it's the same fecking data set and the only difference is integration over 15 minutes instead of 5?


So I have to reconstruct the data sets to figure this out, which in itself is a mind-bogglingly boring and long-winded process with file names that suddenly become thousands of characters long.


But of course the raw data sets have been backed up and deleted from the host PC.

And so before I can even get to the data sets, I have to find the fecking backups and restore them.

To restore them, I have to make space on my PC, which is why they were backed up and deleted in the first place.

To do this, I have to find external drives to move data which is being processed.

Then it'll take an overnight run to reconstruct the files - with no guarantee that I'll even get the data in Bq/mL at the end.


The data took us 5 days over 3 months to collect. If everything worked properly I could zip through the ROI analysis in 90 minutes. But now, it'll take me at least 2 days to sort everything out.

What a waste of time.

Honestly, how do you not grow weary of the world.